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News and Information

        All classes had time to begin research for the group project.  Tomorrow we will spend time in the computer lab.  Specific requirements for each system were haded out today.  We will be working on this project all next week.

        We finished the Math OAA!  Yea we are finished with testing this week :)  Project information was passed out during our short Science classes today.  Check with your sixth grader and find out what system of the human body they will be working with.  Have a nice evening :)

        I was glad to see everyone after our long Easter weekend.  Today in class we finished working on a practice Math assessment to add to that last minute follow up for this weeks OAA's.  Testing will be tomorrow and Wednesday.  Please remember to get a good nights sleep, eat a good breakfast and come to school with a positive attitude!  All three of these will help assure your scores reflect your true growth and understanding of sixth grade material.  See everyone in the morning:)

        Compliment celebration today!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!  Get plenty of rest this weekend - we have a big week with OAA's next week.  Stock up on your number 2 pencils and make sure your calculator is at school.

        We completed the written response section of the SLO assessment today.  Tomorrow I will begin to help Mr. Luther review for the Math OAA in my Science classes.  I look forward to spending a little time reviewing math concepts with the kids.  I hope you get to enjoy the nice weather today.

        SLO assessments (multiple choice items) were completed in class today.  Tomorrow we will work on the extended response questions.

        Today we worked with a partner to practice writing answers to written response questions.  Tomorrow is the multiple choice section of the SLO/assessment.  I hope everyone stays dry tonight .  See you in the morning :)

        Another day of review.  Information about 7th grade registration is coming home tonight...please have your sixth grader share it with you.

        Today we reviewed matter and motion.  We will work with atomic structure tomorrow :)  Have a great evening!

        Today we continued our review of the Earth Science Learning outcomes.  This is helping us prepare for next weeks SLO/End of the year growth measure.  We will continue with this type of work until next Tuesday.

        Today the students completed a close read activity titled "Bacteria".  This was completed and turned in during class.  Notebooks were also collected.  
        I hope everyone has a great Spring Break!

        Today was test day!  The  kids told me it was easy....I hope they are right.  Notebook check will be tomorrow.  Have a nice evening.

        With our late start and time for the A.L.I.C.E. video this afternoon our class time was short.  We did a quick review for tomorrow's test and then worked on writing a good paragraph comparing and contrasting the plant and animal cell.  This will help with the written response on the test.  Notebook grade sheets were passed out - notebooks will be checked on Friday.  I hope everyone has a nice evening.

        We reviewed for the upcoming test by playing BINGO in class today.  Remember to bring your dollar and your electronics tomorrow - it's electronics day for Special Olympics.  We have a 2 hour late tomorrow due to teacher in-service ....enjoy sleeping in!

        Happy St. Patrick's Day :) Today in class we reviewed the 6 life processes. the 10 levels of organization and the anatomy of cells.  The unit test will be Thursday, March 20th.  I also returned some graded papers and gave them a little time to check over their science notebooks.   Notebooks will be graded Friday.  I hope everyone has a great evening .

        Happy Pi day!  Today in Science we finished the group work of looking at cell and tissue diagrams. Writing quality answers is still a work in progress.....we will keep working on it.  They also had a couple minutes to work on that "hook" for the 10 levels of organization.  Study guide for next Thursday's test was passed out.  Have a great weekend!

        We started class with a quick review of the 6 life processes and the 10 levels of organization.  Many told me they would get a 100% if I tested over it today!  We then went over last nights homework.  I collected these to put a grade on them.  The final activity for today was team work on written responses.  We will need to finish this up tomorrow.  Have a nice evening!

        Today in class we completed notes #1 together with a power point presentation.  The kids then had a couple minutes to work with a partner on a "hook" that will help them remember the 10 levels of organization.  Homework was assigned and they had about 5 minutes to get started.  Stay warm tonight :)

        Today in class we discussed how cells join together to makes tissues and how tissues make organs.  After discussing the reading they did yesterday they completed an in-class assignment that checks their understanding of the concepts covered.  We continue to work with our new vocabulary.  I hope everyone has a chance to go out and enjoy the nice weather this afternoon.

        Today the students worked with the textbook to read about the levels of organization of living things. They completed handout #15 after reading a section in the book.  They then had time to start vocabulary cards for this section of out unit.  Some graded papers were returned today.  (I forgot to pass them out to class 3 - sorry - tomorrow :)

        We worked with microscopes today :)  The students had the opportunity to create a wet mount of an onion skin cell.  After making the slide they were to observe it using the scanner, low and high power objective lenses.  We will continue working with microscopes tomorrow.  

        Today we began looking at compound light microscopes.  We identified the main parts and discussed my expectations for correct use.  We will begin working with them tomorrow :)

        They got back with their groups from yesterday to finish up the metaphor poster.  They also had time to finish any vocabulary cards or non-fiction facts that were still needing attention.  We will have an quiz next Friday over cell anatomy.  Have a nice weekend :)

        Today in class we reviewed the 15 vocabulary words and then worked on a "Cell Metaphor" activity. Please have your sixth grader explain how they played the role of an organelle in class today.  They are working as a group to create a poster of their metaphor.

        Today we reviewed cell anatomy and began working on vocabulary cards that include the function of each cell part.  We will continue working with this material tomorrow as we compare cells and their structures to other things in our world.  Have a nice evening :)

        Today we discussed plant and animal cell anatomy.  The students drew and labeled pictures of both types of cells in class.  Tomorrow we will focus on the function or job of each organelle.

        Mrs. Shaffer was not at school today - please refer to homework planner if needed.

        Test day :)  Notebooks will be checked tomorrow.

        Today we shared our poster projects with a quick gallery hop.  The kids always like seeing what others have done.  We then worked in groups of three on the sediment tube lab.  You will find this in the Science notebook - it should be labeled handout #8. The "Mineral" review packet that was assigned for homework is just that - a review.  We will be going over it together in class tomorrow.  Remember the test is Thursday - keep reviewing :)

        It was compliment celebration day!  The kids enjoyed watching the movie "Cool Runnings" this morning.  They also had the opportunity to visit stations that provided information that enhanced topics being discussed in Social Studies and Science.  Remember, the Rock Poster project is due tomorrow.

        The kids completed their vocabulary quiz and then spent the rest of class working on their "Rock Poster" project.  Some of the posters are looking GREAT!  Some of us need to put some additional time into this over the weekend.  I have extended the due date until Tuesday.  
I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

        After a check of vocabulary cards and a quick review, the kids had time to finish the research for their Rock Poster project.  I hope everyone has most if not all of the information needed to complete this project.  Remember the vocabulary quiz is tomorrow :)

        We took an up close look at soil today.  The students each examined a soil sample to determine what makes up soil.  After a class discussion about why soil contains the materials they were able to identify, they worked to complete both sides of HO#8.  Remember the vocabulary quiz is Friday.

        After a quick check of the rock cycle models they completed last night, we started talking about the project that is due next Monday.  Handout #7 was passed out and discussed.  This handout list the requirements for the "Rock Poster" project.  We used the rest of our class time to work on researching facts and info.  Additional class time will be provided Thursday.  Try to stay warm tonight :)

        Today we focused on the rock cycle.  After reading in our book and viewing several illustrations of the rock cycle, everyone worked on creating a model of the rock cycle that makes sense to them.  We will go over these in class tomorrow.  The last 2 vocabulary words  (rock cycle and humus) were discussed today.  We will have a quiz over all 25 vocabulary words on Friday.  It looks like our Earth Science test will be next week.  Stay warm!

        Today we discussed how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed.  Using the text book and samples in class the kids were able to compare many types of rocks.  We also added 8 more words to our vocabulary cards.  We can expect a quiz next Friday-  so keep reviewing those vocabulary cards.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend :0)

        After our snow day yesterday and the late start today we spent our Science time focusing on an article in the Science World magazine.  The article titled "No Fear" is about the invention of a landing pad to make snowboarding safer.  We looked at the physics involved in this sport.  Hopefully the kids will be able to tell you all about it.  For homework they have a short reading passage about Shaun White.  I hope to spark a little interest in the winter Olympic games with this assignment.  The research/paragraph is due to me on Monday 2/10.  I hope everyone stays warm tonight :)

        We finished up the last two stations of the Mineral Identification activity.  The kids had about 20 minutes to read about igneous and sedimentary rock and add 8 new words to their current vocabulary cards.  Please make sure you are keeping up with the vocabulary - looking to have a test or quiz the end of next week.  Stay safe tonight!  See everyone tomorrow :)

        Today we completed a quick review of our vocabulary and then got busy with the Mineral Identification activity.  The kids will be visiting 4 stations looking at different attributes of minerals.  They had time to work at 2 of these stations today and the others will be completed tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

        In class today we discussed how minerals are identified. The kids had time to complete the 7 vocabulary cards.  Graded papers were returned.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

        We were busy today.......After a quick notebook check we took time to go over the Earth Science packet that was homework.  This took most of the rest of our class time.  The kids do have homework tonight ..... they need to complete both sides of HO#3  "How can you identify minerals?"   I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        We took the open notebook quiz that was scheduled for last Friday.  I plan to do a quick notebook check the next day we have class.  The kids were to read about minerals and mineral identification once they turned in their quiz.  They did get an Earth Science packet for homework.  This is due to me on Thursday.  Stay as warm as you can this evening!

        We spent our class time today reviewing Newton's Laws.  Grade cards were distributed and I am very pleased to say we had almost 75% of our students on an honor roll.  Way to go Team Power!!!  Remember that we will be completing an open notebook quiz in class tomorrow - make sure the notebook comes to class :)  Try to stay warm!

        We started class by looking at and discussing the illustrations of Newton's 3 Laws that were completed for homework last night.  Most of the kids did a good job with this.  They then got into groups of 3 to answer 3 questions about the 3 laws of motion.  While working in these small groups they joined me at the table to set up a simple "swing" demonstration.  I hope this comes home and your student can explain how Newton's Laws of motion are illustrated.  If they get brave and swing the cup with water in it .... take cover :)  

        Today in class we reviewed potential and kinetic energy, energy transformations and talked about Newton's 3 Laws of Motion.  We will be having an open notebook quiz on Friday.  I hope everyone is able to stay warm tonight :)

        In Science class today we discussed the "explore "activity that was completed yesterday.  The kids appeared to have a solid understanding of energy transformations.  Notes #3 were distributed, discussed and should be in their Science folder.  They had time to work in the vocabulary list for this unit.  At this point there should be 7 words and definitions on handout #2.  Homework was assigned.  We also discussed the Outdoor Education candy sale that is currently in progress.  I hope I was able to answer the questions they had....if you have any more questions concerning this, please contact the office.  I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend :)

        Today we reviewed what is expected for the lab reports that will be turned in tomorrow.  We also began working with Notes #3.  The kids had time to explore simple energy transformations during class time.  They should have a paper that illustrates what energy was present and what it changed into when they blew up a balloon and let it go, when they crashed little cars together, when they shot paper wads at the lockers and when they worked with a singe and double pendulum.  We will discuss this tomorrow.

        The students worked today to fine tune the data that was collected yesterday.  After our discussion of the last couple pages of notes #2 several groups realized they didn't follow directions.  We now have 6 vocabulary words that need to be defined.  Lab reports are due on Thursday.

        Notes #2 were discussed today.  The students had time to collect more data regarding the speed of the marble as it rolled down the ramp.  Lab reports explaining both activities will be due Thursday.  Additional in class time will be provided.  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Today in Science we continued learning about kinetic and potential energy.  The kids rolled their marbles down a 30 degree ramp and measured how far the cup moved.  Our variable was the distance the marble rolled down the ramp.  They had the opportunity to change the variable by using a "shooter" or a bouncy ball or they could change the angle of their ramp.  We will continue with this next week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

        Clean out your Science folder.  The only paper in your folder should be notes #1 that we discussed in class today.  Make sure you check your grades on infinite campus - talk to me tomorrow if you have any questions or find any mistakes.  The quarter end tomorrow.

        Today was TEST day :)  Science notebooks were turned in.  I hope to get them checked and returned before the end of the week.  We are all looking forward to our holiday break.
Stay warm tonight!

        Went spent all of class time reviewing for tomorrows test.

        We continue to review for next weeks test.  Please use the study guide provided.  Notebooks will be collected on Tuesday.  Make sure it is organized before then :)

        Today we reviewed chemical and physical changes and completed an in-class assignment where the kids had to identify them.  We also had the chance to create a chemical change when we made Styrofoam.  The kids really liked this :)  It looks like we will be having a test next Tuesday over the information covered thus far this quarter.  Watch for a study guide to come home soon.

        We spent the day in the laptop lab today.  The kids were working on a web quest that required them to find answers to questions that were not always obvious.  I wanted to make sure they knew how to use the embedded links and references.  They did a nice job with this.  Bonus point papers are due tomorrow :)

        Today the kids did an explore activity where they had to identify chemical changes.  They seemed to enjoy this lab!  We added 2 words - physical change and chemical change to our vocabulary list.  They should get these put on index cards.  Tomorrow we will be working in the laptop lab :0)  
I hope everyone has a nice evening!

        Today was Diley Helping Hands read-in day!  The kids did a great job!

        In Science today we watched a short video titled " Changes In Properties of Matter".  This video helped to focus our minds back on our current study of Physical Science.  After the video we worked as a class to complete handout #24 where we classified properties as chemical or physical.  The kids did a nice job with this.  Tomorrow is our building wide read-in....bring plenty to read..I will be giving about 30 minutes to read in Science class.  Have a nice evening :)

        The kids worked on their paragraph about chemical change and a Science World worksheet in class today.  Thanks to those who remembered their $1 and their personal music today :) We raised $20.00 for the Helping Hands project.  Remember tomorrow is the school wide Movie/PJ/Snack for $1.00 day.

        We finished the annotations on our article and worked as a table to answer the questions that followed.  The writing prompt "Should people make changes to chemical compounds?  Support your answer with evidence from the passage."  was discussed.  Two classes had time to begin working on this - the other two will on Monday.  The single paragraph writing will be due to me by the end of the day Tuesday.   Students are invited to bring $1 donation and their personal music to Science on Monday.  The money will be given to our Helping Hand Holiday project.   I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Stay warm :)

        Today we continued working with the "Close Reading" strategy.  The kids appear to be enjoying the table work!  I look forward to seeing how this will help them improve their scores on those Science World worksheets :)
        I am happy to report that we have reached our goal of 100 compliments!  We have planned a movie/snack celebration tomorrow.  The kids are permitted to bring a snack /treat for the movie.  11-19-13
        Today in class we finished the compound activity that we started yesterday.  Some of the kids needed to "fine tune" last nights homework before it was turned in.  We talked about how we could get the most out of our non-fiction reading and will complete a "close reading" activity tomorrow.  

        In class today we checked vocabulary cards and worked on a compound activity.  The kids cut out models of elements that had notches or arrows to represent the number of electrons involved when the given element is used in a compound.  Working together we were able to identify about 5 chemical formulas.  We will continue with this tomorrow.  A couple graded papers were returned before tonight's homework was passed out.  Hope to see everyone tomorrow :)

        Today we finished our marshmallow molecules and had a gallery walk to share them. The kids then worked to finish the 20 vocabulary cards that will be checked on Monday.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

        Today we talked about common compounds.  The kids worked with their table to build models of a compound of their choice.  They seemed to enjoy working with the marshmallows and toothpicks.  We will continue this tomorrow.

        Today we spent some time reviewing states of matter and electron arrangement in atoms.  The students had time to sign a Thank You card for our speakers form Monday - or make their own.  Many are taking the option to make their own card :)   The list of 20 vocabulary words should to be on flashcards by end of class Friday.  We will have a little more class time to work through out the week - some might need to be finished during flex time.  I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Today in Science class the kids shared their atom drawings and worked on vocabulary.  Each class had about 25 minutes to spend with their electronics :)  Have a nice evening - Stay warm!

        Happy Veterans Day!  I want to take this opportunity to thank any of the readers who have severed in the armed forces.  We appreciate your service to our country.  We had  guest speakers today, Major Scot Turner and his son Riley.  They shared with us experiences of being in the army and reminded us of why we celebrate veterans day.  I also want to thank them for coming in.
        In Science class today, we reviewed atomic structure and worked on vocabulary.  We will continue with this tomorrow by sharing our atom drawings and adding a few more vocabulary words.  
Tomorrow is "electronics day" at Diley.  By paying $1.00 to homeroom teachers, students will have the opportunity to use their personal electronic devise during the day.   I have planned to give at least 25 minute of Science class for this fund raising activity.  All the money raised will go toward our "Helping Hands" holiday project.

        Discussing "Compounds and Molecules" occupied about half of our class time today.  The kids had time to draw one atom of any element on the periodic table.  Some of them took the challenge to heart and  created outstanding drawings.  Some of them are not yet finished - we will finish these up on Monday.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

        We were busy today sharing our "expert" answers to the questions about yesterday's video.  The kids then started to partner read from the textbooks.  We will finish this up tomorrow.  I hope you plan to attend Family Fun night tonight :)  It sounds like it will be a lot of FUN!!!!
        Today we viewed a video titled "Atoms and Molecules" .  The kids worked as table groups to answer the questions that go with the video.  Tomorrow they will share their "expert" answers with the class.  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

        We spent the day in the computer lab putting our Density paragraphs in final copy.  I think everyone was successful in typing, printing and turning these into the class folder.  The kids started (and a few finished) a web quest about matter.  We will keep this in our green Science folder until we have the opportunity to finish it.  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Several graded papers were returned today.  The kids took a second look at the "density" paragraph they wrote last week and had a peer edit it.  Tomorrow we will be in the computer lab putting it into final copy so it can be turned in.

Have a great evening :)

        Our final work day on the Learning poster assignment.  Some of the groups were scurrying to finish but I have them all.  We will take a few minutes on Monday to share their work.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

        Today was project work day.  The kids were busy all period working on the "States Of Matter" learning poster.  I look forward to seeing their final copies tomorrow.  I hope everyone stays dry tonight.

        We were very busy in class today.  After going over last night's homework, we spent time reviewing our knowledge of density.  I showed the kids a demo bottle that illustrated the property of density using two different colored beads and two different clear liquids.  When we first shook the bottle the blue beads would settle to the bottom and the white beads would float to the top.  After a few minutes the liquids would settle out and there would be clear liquid at the bottom, blue beads floating on it with the white beads above this and more clear liquid at the top.  The liquid at the bottom was very clear and the liquid at the top had tiny little bubbles in it.  The kids were to write a paragraph that explained what they saw and what they could determine about the density of the materials in the bottle.  Once they turned this in they began working with their table group to create a learning poster of the "States of Matter".  We will continue to work with the posters tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Today those students that had bottles here made their "density bottle".  They should be able to tell you that the colored water on the bottom of the bottle is more dense (has molecules more tightly packed) that the oil that is floating on the top.  As I worked with students in small groups to get these completed...they had the "Science News" worksheet to complete in class.  Homework tonight is titled "Where's the Gold" (don't worry about #5 - we will look at it together tomorrow) and "Fact or Opinion".   I hope you have a great evening :)

        The kids worked with Mrs. Gruenwald, our substitute teacher, on reading and dissecting a non-fiction article in the Science World magazine.  She left me a positive note our our kids.  I appreciate them staying on task and focused when I am not in the classroom with them! Each class earned a compliment!

        We started our day off with passing out grade cards.  I am pleased to let you know that 83 students on Team Power earned "Honor Roll" rewards!  That is a big part of our team.....I am very proud of your children.  We encourage them to continue to put forth their best effort!  In Science class we viewed Bill Nye video on the Phases of Matter and Chemical Reactions.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!
        Today we worked to gain a better understanding of density and its relationship to buoyancy by doing the lab activity titled "How Metal Boats Float".  The kids designed their own boat out of foil and loaded it with paper clips :)  We tested (or soon will) the differences we see in fresh and salt water.  We will continue with this tomorrow.

        Today in class we finished the Properties of Matter video and compared our "fast facts".  The fast fact's paper was put into our notebook and labeled handout #1.  We then completed a table activity that required us to think about density and discuss why when we added salt on top of the vegetable oil - it sank but then floated again.  I collected these table writings.  The kids also completed a paper that demonstrates their individual understanding of mass and weight.  We will continue working with these topic tomorrow..

October 21, 2013
        Today we returned the first quarter folders and the Lab Skills unit test.  We took class time to go over the test together.  I hope this helped them see where they made their mistakes.  Then then completed a quick pre-assessment of our new Physical Science topics : atomic structure, properties of matter and states of matter.  We ended out class time today by starting a video titled : Properties of Matter.  We will finish this tomorrow.

October 18, 2013
        The kids worked on the crossword puzzle that went with the Science World magazine.  I will continue Teacher/Students conferences next week.  Today was the final day of the grading period.  Grade cards will be sent home next Friday.

October 16, 2013
        We worked with our new Science World magazine.  We will continue with it on Friday..

October 15, 2013
        Today was test day!  All Science notebooks were collected.

October 14, 2013
        Today was review day.  We took a couple minutes to grade our flashcards and then I went over all the material that will be on tomorrows test.  The kids appeared to have a solid understanding of what we discussed.  They then had a couple minutes to work on organizing their Science folder.  I will be collecting these tomorrow.  Have a great evening :)

October 11, 2013
        A great day of fun - Thanks to our wonderful PTSO for our Fall Festival!

October 10, 2013
        We finished up our "Compliment Celebration" video in Science class today :)

October 9, 2013
        Today we went over the practical and measurement review together in class.  I passed out notebook grade sheets.  Notebooks will be collected next Tuesday - the same day as the unit test.  Please encourage your sixth grader to organize the notebook when they get a chance between now and then.  I hope everyone has a chance to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather.  Have a nice evening.

October 8, 2013
        Today was quiz day!  The kids completed the vocabulary quiz and told me it was easy :)  I hope the grade reflect their confidence.  We also finished up the measurement practical and the review packet during class today.  The end of the grading period is almost here - we will have our Unit test next Tuesday.  Keep using the study guide to direct your study time.  Have a great evening!

October 7, 2013
        We were treated to a visit from Mr. Ron Derry and the GOOD program today.  Mr. Derry shared a wonderful message with the entire team this morning and then followed up with small group presentations in each class.  The kids did a great job listening, following directions and showing respect.  We now know that when the going gets tough - the tough choose to "GO ON".   
        *Remember that the vocabulary quiz is tomorrow.

October 4, 2013
        We had another busy day in Science.  Many students completed the measurement practical while everyone else worked on the written review work.  Study guides for the up coming unit test were passed out today.  You should find this in the green Science notebook along with several new graded papers that were returned today.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

October 3, 2013
        Today we used class time to look over the Science News packets they completed, review or work on vocabulary to prepare for the quiz and get started on the crossword puzzle homework.  Several students will be completing the measurement practical review tomorrow.  If they don't get it completed tomorrow they will do it next Tuesday.  Please spend 10 minutes tonight reviewing the vocabulary for next weeks quiz.  Look for the study guide for the up coming test to come home tomorrow.

        Monday, Mr. Ron Derry will be visiting our classroom.  We will not have a regular Science class.

        We look forward to the Fall Festival next Friday.  Please make sure you look over the information sheet that came home yesterday and send the $3 in as soon as you can.  Thanks :)

Have a great evening.

 October 2, 2013
        Class time today was spent working on flashcards.  Remember vocabulary quiz will be Tuesday of next week.  Have a nice evening :)

October 1, 2013
        Today in class we reviewed the work completed with the sub on Friday.  We discussed the option for bonus points on the homework packet they currently have.  If they need additional time to complete the bonus work they can turn this packet in on Thursday.  I announced that there will be a vocabulary quiz next Tuesday and on Friday or Monday they will have the opportunity to show me they have mastered using the triple beam balance, reading graduated cylinders and measuring to the nearest mm.  I expect a unit test to be sometime the end of next week.  At that time I will be collecting notebooks.  We will be working to create flashcards in class tomorrow - these should help everyone prepare for the vocabulary quiz.

Have a great evening :)

September 26, 2013
        Dial Up Awareness - Anti-Bully Day.  We had a good day :)

September 25, 2013
        It was "Volume" lab day!  The kids found the volume of irregular shaped objects using water displacement.  We realized that some of the items we had to find the volume of caused us to do more than 1 step.  If the object was less dense than water - we had to hold it down with another object that we already know the volume of and then we had to remember to subtract that from the difference in the water level.  This was a little confusing for some - but others got it right away!  
        I look forward to our "Anti-Bully" day tomorrow.  Please remind your sixth grader to wear their pink :)  

 September 24, 2013
        Today we discussed mass and volume and how the relationship between these can help us determine density.  With the STAR testing and picture day, we didn't get to the "finding volume" lab - we will do this tomorrow.  
        If you requested a conference and have not received a confirmation slip - please check with your sixth grader.  I have sent slips home for all the appointment we have scheduled.  If you have any questions please contact me.
Have a great evening :)

September 23, 2013
        We finished up the "mass" lab today in class.  The kids did a nice job with this activity.  Tomorrow we will be finding the volume of irregular shaped objects using water displacement.  Remember tomorrow is picture day!  Everyone gets pictures taken for the yearbook - Smile Pretty
Have a nice evening :)

September 20, 2013
        It was "Mass" work in Science class today.  After a short video the kids worked with the triple beam balances.  We will finish this up on Monday.  Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

September 19, 2013
        Metric units of measure was the topic of Science class again today.  We practiced converting from one unit to another.  Some of us totally understand while others need more practice.  We will work on this concept throughout the year.  Tonight's homework is to check for mastery of measuring with accuracy.  Tomorrow we will be working with the triple beam balances to find the mass of various objects.  Enjoy your evening :)

September 18, 2013
        Today we worked with metric unit of length.  The students worked with a partner to complete an activity while I conference with students about the "Bad Science" cartoons.  We will discuss their findings together tomorrow as a class.  Remember - Bounce Labs (3 sheets stapled together) is due tomorrow.
        I posted interim averages after school.  You should find all graded work in your students green Science folder. If you have any questions about what you see on Infinite Campus - please let me know.  

September 17, 2013
        It was lab team work day in class today.  Our sixth graders left class with a clear understanding of the lab report that is due Thursday.  If they still have questions on the line graph, please have them see me tomorrow.  
        With our busy afternoon, I did not get all the conference confirmations out - I will do this in the morning.  If you still need to request a conference time, please get it in as soon as possible.  We still have some time available on Monday, September 30.
        I hope everyone has a great evening :)

September 16, 2013
        In Science classes today, the kids continued to collect data for the lab started Friday.  Some groups actually started on the triple line graph that will illustrate their findings.  Most of our sixth graders were busy working for the entire class period.   
        Several papers were sent home today; you should find information regarding a ski club, College and Career Family Night and picture information.  Picture day at Diley is next Tuesday, September 24th.
         I have worked on our conference day schedules.  I expect to send confirmations slips home tomorrow.  If your form has not been turned in yet - please be advised- we have no time slots still available for the evening dates.  There are several slots available on Monday, September 30 that we will be happy to meet with you.    I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

September 13, 2013
        After a quick check of last night's homework, we started collecting data for our bounce height -vs- drop height lab.   We will continue working on this activity next Monday and Tuesday.  I expect with the graphing and conclusion questions, this will be due to me by next Thursday.  We will see how things go  :).  I hope everyone gets out to enjoy the fall weather this weekend!

September 12, 2013
        Today all 4 classes spent more time with the Science World magazine.  We read and discussed the article about the largest particle masher in the world.  Tomorrow we will get back into lab skills when we start data collection for our bounce lab.  Hope everyone has a great evening :)

September 10, 2013
        Classes 1 and 2 completed the SLO pre-test assessment for me today.  I appreciate the effort they put into this task.  The random sampling of data collected will help me with my planning for the rest of the school year.  Classes 3 and 4 worked with the Science World magazine that we didn't get to last week.  I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

September 6, 2013
        We had a busy day today with our compliment celebration and a fire drill added to our regular routine.  In Science class we reviewed the scientific method and added definitions for independent and dependent variables to our notebook.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  

  September 5, 2013
        Today we watched a video that reviewed the Scientific Method.  The "singing" teacher and the information shared will be hard to forget!   The kids were to write down at least 10 fast facts while they watched.  We will be adding a few more vocabulary word to our notebook tomorrow.  I hope we have time to read a couple articles in the Science World magazine - keeping up with current events is something I hope to work on a couple times a month.  Have a nice evening :)

September 4, 2013
        Today we had our "gallery walk" in Science class.  The kids had the opportunity to share the Bad Science cartoons that classmates produced.  They each had a pink post-it of positive comments when we were finished.  I look forward to reading all of the cartoons :)  We also started our discussion of the Scientific Method.  We will continue with this topic for the rest of the week.  I hope everyone has a great evening ;)

September 3, 2013
        Today we completed Notes #1 while viewing a power point presentation.  These notes included definitions of our vocabulary words to this point.  These should be in the back pocket of the green Science folder.  The kids had a little time to finish up or "fine tune" their "Bad Science cartoon.  This is due tomorrow.

August 29, 2013
        Today was candle observation day!  Kids did a nice job with this activity.

August 28, 2013
        Telling the difference between an observation and an inference kept us busy most of class today.  We talked about the difference between a qualitative and a quantitative observation - I hope your sixth grader can explain it to you this evening.  A quick homework paper was assigned as a review.  Remind your student to keep working on that "Bad Science" cartoon.  It is not due until next Wednesday.  Have a nice evening :)

August 27, 2013
        What a busy day we had!  We had our Fall fundraiser assembly this morning and learned all about the "Mumkin" sale.  An information packet was sent home with each student.  Please take a few minutes to read over the letter and information with your sixth grader.  This afternoon we had a band assembly.  The students were given a brief introduction to both band and orchestra instruments.  A flyer was sent home with all the important info that was shared.  In our shortened Science classes, we did a quick review of lab skills and talked about the "Bad Science" cartoon project that is due next Wednesday, September 4.  I hope everyone has a nice evening!

August 26, 2013
        Today in Science we reviewed our building safety procedures.  The kids did a nice job being attentive listeners during this important discussion.  We then looked over the classification lab that was completed last week and started answering some questions about the lab. We ended class with a quick review of general Lab Safety rules.  We will pick up with this tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a wonderful evening.  I look forward to see you tomorrow :)

August 23, 2013
        In Science class today we discussed what 6th grade written responses should look like.  The kids put handout # 4 in their green Science folder.  This provides several examples of quality answers that they can refer to later.   They were then given class time to finish handout #3, our classification activity.  Homework for the weekend is an interest inventory.  Most of them had time to finish this at school.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

August 22, 2013
        Today we went over classroom procedures at the beginning of class.  We then started a classification activity that we will finish tomorrow.  The kids continue to do a nice job in Science.  Have a great evening!

August 21, 2013
        Today we talked about the activity we did yesterday.  It was unanimous that the activity was indeed "science" .  I look forward to reading the papers that were collected.  I revealed the "secret" solution was liquid starch.  You can make your own silly putty at home using a 2 : 1 ratio of glue to liquid starch.  I hope you have fun with this.  I spent time trying to learn a few more names.  Classroom procedures and notebook set up are on our agenda for tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a great evening.

August 20, 2013
        We had a busy day today!  We followed our regular schedule (with a slight modification in class 4) and everyone managed to get to all 4 classes.  In Science, we were thinking about our own person definition of the word "Science".  The kids mixed two solutions together and created something new.  Tonight they need to explain to me if what we did was "Science" and why or why not.  I hope to see many of you at Open House tonight.

August 19, 2013
        What a GREAT first day of school.  I look forward to a wonderful year working with very nice students.  I was impressed with their effort and attention today as we completed several whole team activities.  Tomorrow we will follow the normal schedule.  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

August 11, 2013
        Looking forward to the start of a new school year!  We only have a few more days of summer vacation ....make the most of them.  See everyone soon :)

        Today was LAUNCH day!  We adjusted the schedule so everyone got to launch their rocket before lunch.  I was afraid the rain might get here early - didn't want to take any chances.  The kids did a great job!! We had several rockets that went over the building, some that landed on the roof and a few that ended up on the playground.  I think, with help from Mr. Duckworth, we were able to find most of them.  The kids will have some time on Monday and Tuesday to modify or re-design so that we can relaunch on Tuesday.  I am not requiring this - but it is an opportunity.  Partner work and help from home is okay for the second launch.   We then watched the video "October Sky" this afternoon.  The movie based on the book Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam.   I hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

        Today in Science class we checked and turned in our Science folders for the last time!  The kids also completed an open notebook vocabulary quiz before they work on their bottle rockets.  We are hoping for no rain tomorrow so we can launch them during class time.  I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        We had the opportunity to hear from 4 different speakers this morning for our career day.  The kids seemed to enjoy  hearing from the vet tech., small business owner, lawyer and a race car shop owner.  In our shortened classes we were busy building those bottle rockets.  5-28-13
        Today we talked about the balloon rockets we worked with on Friday and watch video clips to help us with the construction of our bottle rockets.  Several graded papers were returned to students.  Wanted to let you know that final notebook check will take place Thursday and there will be an open note vocabulary quiz Thursday.  Hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Balloon rockets kept us busy today - we will look at the lab sheet on Tuesday.  Don't worry if they are not completed :)  Enjoy your long weekend!  

        We watched a short video that gave us suggestions of everyday situations and how Newton's three laws of motion are displayed.  The kids then completed an in-class review of this concept.  We also had a "you tube" video of a coin rolling on a treadmill playing.  We discussed how the laws of motion could be used to describe/explain what was happening here.  Enjoy your evening :)

        Today we went over the Domino Dash activity together in class.  We also watched a short video clip on centripetal force.  The kids then constructed their own platform and tested Newton's second law.  They had a good time swinging cups of water over their heads.  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Today in Science class we continued to work on our exploration of the relationship between speed, time and distance.  The kids should all have the data collected and be working on data analysis.  They need to complete a line graph and answer a couple questions.  I am really working their memories to recall information from the beginning of the year.  We will go over this together as a class tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        This morning we got to hear from a couple people who have been on a real African safari!  Mr. Dick Houston, author of Bulu and Mrs. Linda Locker shared their beautiful photos and their interest in helping to save the elephant population.  We learned that the current elephant population in Africa is being depleted for ivory tusks.  It is their hope that if we contact the ambassador of China we can make an impact.  Please look at the green and yellow form letters that are coming home today.  If you would please have your student sign it and place a stamp on the envelope - we will get them all mailed.  This is a small way that all of our voices can be heard.  Hope you have a great evening :)5-17-13

        Wear your PJ's and bring $0.50 .  Have a book to read for the read -in.

        None (you can finish those "thank you" cards if needed)
        Today we watched a Bill Nye video to gain understanding of "momentum" and "pressure".  This information will help us with our study of Newton's Laws of motion and force.  We look forward to designing and building bottle rockets the last couple weeks of school.  Please keep in mind that all students will need 2 two liter bottles to use for their rocket construction.  Hope everyone has a great evening - if you haven't already .....start gathering things for camp...we leave Wednesday.

        Mrs. Shaffer was not at school today. Please check your students planner for assigned homework.

        Today I met individually with each student to discuss their molecule models and the lab sheet from yesterdays activity.  The kids worked on a worksheet and added a few words to their vocabulary list.  We were working with the learning target " What is the difference between heat and temperature?".  This question will be the springboard for our discussion tomorrow.  I hope everyone gets out to enjoy the beautiful weather tonight.....I hope this sticks around for next week when we are at camp!

        We had an adjusted schedule today to accommodate our "Hands On" CPR training and GIT.  With the short classes we did manage to complete our "Cold Balloon" lab.  We will discuss the results tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        We started our day with a trip to the gym to tie dye our outdoor education T-shirts.  The kids did a great job listening to and following directions.  Mr. Lust was impressed with us!  I am anxious to see how our shirts turn out - hope we get them back by the end of the week.
        Once back to the classroom, after homework was collected, we went over handout #18 together in class.  This was a quick review of atom, molecules and chemical formulas.  The kids completed the questions and then got busy building their own model of a molecule of baking soda, bleach or vitamin C.  Homework was passed out before class was over.  I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Today in class the kids made slime :)  We were reviewing the states of matter and reading about chemical and physical change.  The kids had to complete an exit ticket that identified today's activity as a chemical or physical change and give evidence of why they identified it as they did.  Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

        Today we reviewed the learning targets we have already covered in physical science.  The kids had time to add a few words to their vocabulary list and work on their evidence of understanding.  We will continue work on this (handout #15) as we progress through the unit.  An additional copy of "What to Bring to Camp" list was provided to the kids today.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day!

        Today we spent time talking about Outdoor Education.  We leave for camp 2 weeks from today!  The kids had the opportunity to get their T-shirt ready to tie dye.  We will be doing this Monday morning, please remind them to wear old clothes and shoes - we don't want to add color to the "good" stuff.  They also worked on their cabin list.  I think everyone got this finished and turned in.  It is back to regular schedule tomorrow.  Atomic structure and force and motion - here we come!.  Try to stay dry if you are out tonight :)

        Math OAA was this morning.  Again the kids seemed to give this assessment their best effort!  We celebrated the completion of this years OAA's with popsicles on the playground this afternoon :)  Hope you have a great evening!

        Reading OAA was this morning.  The kids in my room appeared to work very hard on this assessment.  Tomorrow morning we will be completing the Math section.  Please try to get a good nights sleep, eat a good breakfast and come to school with a positive attitude :)  Enjoy your evening!

        Lesson #9 in the "Hands on Equations" program was "easy!"....Than's what the kids said!  I am glad they found success when we started working with the positive and negative numbers.  One more day with the program and then it is back to physical science :0)  I hope everyone gets out to enjoy this beautiful weather tonight.  Have a good one :)

        We continued with the "Hands on Equations" program today and started using white "stars".  Tomorrow we will realize these represent negative numbers in our equations.  Just a reminder that the Element word search for bonus points will be collected on Friday.  This is not required :)  I know it is more difficult than most of the word searches we have completed this year.

        Today we had the option to move from using pawns and number cubes to solving our equations with just pencil and paper.  Some of the kids are ready for this - some still wanted the pawns and number cubes.  We will continue to work with this program for the rest of the week.  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Lesson #6 in our "Hands on Equations" program added parentheses to the equations today.  Most of the kids caught on to this  "new" step very quickly!  Element quizzes were returned to each class.  Re-quiz will be Friday and is available to anyone who would like to take it.  There are a few who need this second chance :)  Remember the grade counts if you take it - so study if you plan to improve your grade.  I will be having a study table during Power Time the rest of the week - come join us if you would like too.

        Today we worked with a partner on our "Hands on Equations" worksheet.  The kids seemed to like this :)  I am anxious to get the Element quizzes they took today graded - I wonder how many of us earned a 100%?  We will see on Monday.  :)  Grade cards were sent home today.  On Team Power, we had 54 students improve their overall GPA from last nine weeks!  WOW That is amazing!  Our grade card "celebration" took place right before lunch and besides those 54 students, 23 were recognized for being on the "A" honor roll, 35 for being on the Honor Roll and 29 for having Perfect Attendance.  Team Power ROCKS!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

        Today we learned our second legal move in the "Hands On Equation" program.  We can now subtract value from the number cubes.  The kids continue to work hard for me with this program - I appreciate their efforts!  Remember to get a final review in of the 15 elements that will be on tomorrow's quiz.  Tomorrow is Grade Card day - can't wait!!!
Have a good evening :)

        Lesson 3 in "Hands On Equations" kept us busy today.  We can now make "legal" moves to simplify our linear equations.  The kids are doing a great job with this program.  Remember to study elements - the quiz will be Friday :)

        More "Hands On Equations" today.  The kids also worked on the Science News questions that go with the magazine they read yesterday.  Remember to keep studying those elements - the QUIZ is Friday.  I hope everyone gets to go out and enjoy the warm weather tonight :) See everyone tomorrow!

        I was glad to see everyone back today :)  In Science class we started working with the "Hands On Equation" program as a review for the upcoming OAA's.  We will work with this program daily for the next two weeks.  Remember to keep studying those elements - the quiz will be Friday.  I hope you get to enjoy the warmer weather.

        The chemical reaction of "FOAM"  was a big success today.  The kids completed a practice element quiz, finished up the current vocabulary and the atomic models from yesterday.  I hope everyone has a fun filled and safe Spring break!

        Today we reviewed atomic structure and drew our own models of atoms.  It can be little confusing when placing the protons, neutron and electrons on the models - the kids did a great job sticking with it!  I think everyone understands :) Tomorrow we will have an introduction to chemical changes when we make "Foam".  The kids are looking forward to this!  I hope everyone has a great evening.

        Today each class spent time reviewing the elements to memorize,  discussing atomic structure and working on the vocabulary.  We will continue with these topics tomorrow.  The geology unit test was returned to students today.  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Our late start equals short classes today.  Each class took time to discuss the line graph from last week.  I think everyone now understands how to put the data collected on the graph.  I understand this was challenging :) .  We also looked at the periodic table and the list of common elements that we will be working to memorize.  A practice quiz will be Thursday over these 15 elements.   I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

We 3-21-13
        Class time today was spent collecting additional data for the rate of diffusion lab.  Tonight the students need to use this data to create a line graph.  Many were struggling today - they might have questions tonight.  We did reach our goal of 150 additional compliments and will be celebrating tomorrow.  Kids are allowed to bring a snack/drink for this celebration.  Have a nice evening!

        Class time today was spent reviewing "matter" and collecting data for our rate of diffusion lab.  In this lab activity we are testing the theory that temperature affects the rate of diffusion.  We will continue with data collection and graphing tomorrow.  Have a nice evening:)

        We enjoyed watching a Bill Nye video today.  The information provided gives us a reference point for the class discussions we will be having the rest of the week,  All the kids wrote down at least 15 fast facts as they watched the video.  Hopefully they will share some of these physical science facts with someone at home tonight :)  Have a nice evening!

        Notebooks were turned in today - I will get them graded and returned to students by the end of the week.  We introduced our Physical Science unit today with a discussion of "Matter".   The kids had time in class to complete handout #1 and to work on the Science World magazine worksheets.  The Science World worksheets should be finished by the end of the day Wednesday.

        Today Mrs. Falther showed a movie to go along with the novel they just finished in Language Arts - it took our Science time :)  Have a safe weekend!

        Today was TEST day....most of the students said it was "easy".  It wasn't an easy test - but I think they were prepared for it so it seemed easy......that's my hope anyway's :)  I will work at having them graded by the beginning of next week.  We have a couple kids absent so there are make-ups that need to be completed.  Notebook grade sheets were given out today.  I will be collecting notebooks on Monday.  All graded papers have been returned.   The Science World magazine they worked with today had a cool article about 3D printers!  The worksheets that go with this magazine will be due middle of next week - since I only have 30 copies of the magazine this must be completed at school.  I hope everyone has a great evening - stay warm!

        Today we took a few minutes to peer edit the compare and contrast paragraphs that are due tomorrow and than reviewed for the test.  Please make sure you are ready for tomorrows test.

        We spent class time today reading charts and tables.  After finding personal answers we came up with table answers and finally class answers.  This practice should help with Thursday's test.  Make sure the compare and contrast paragraph is being worked is due Thursday :)   Have a nice evening...stay warm!

        In class today we went over the "Science Court" paper from Friday and self graded HO#32 - Lesson Outline "Earth's Rocks and Soil".  Both of these were collected.  We also went over the study guide for Thursday's test.  Tomorrow we will practice reading charts and tables in class.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        Finished the Science Court today.  The kids are working to complete a worksheet that covers all the information discussed in this activity.  This is due in class on Monday.  Keep studying for the unit test- it will be next Thursday.

        We worked through the first two parts of Science Court "Soil" today in class.  We will finish this up tomorrow.  The kids need to continue to work with their study guide for next weeks test.  I moved the test to Thursday, March 14.  Hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine today :)

        Snow Day in March?!?  Enjoy your day off :)

        The vocabulary quiz was finished quickly by most of the kids today.  I hope they did as well as they think they did :)  Study guide for the unit test was passed out.  I would like the kids to write down something that lets me know they know what the correct answer is for each item listed.  I told them they could just put a handout number if they wanted.  We will be working with this in class the rest of the week.  Stays safe tonight - keep warm :)

        Today in Science class we went over the soil labs from the end of last week and then played BINGO as a review for tomorrow vocabulary quiz.  The kids seemed to know many of the words!  I am hoping that a quick review tonight will help everyone do great on the quiz :)  Have a nice evening .....  Stay Warm!   

        Today we reviewed "soil" with a quick power point and the reading of a few of the exit tickets from yesterday's class.  The kids then worked with their lab team to complete the "Sediment Tube Observation" activity in class.  A couple papers were returned to students today - please check the green Science notebook to see what we have been doing.  I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

        Our "soil" observation lab took most of our class time today.  Some lab teams started the observation lab using the sediment tubes.  We will continue to work with "soil" information for the next few days.  Have a great evening :)

        Today in class we graded the Earth Science dictionary that the kids have been working on for the past several weeks.  All 50 words and correct definitions should be there for you to continue to study.  The vocabulary quiz has been moved back to next Tuesday, March 5.  We also reviewed weathering, erosion and deposition with a sorting activity.  These three words are easily confused - hopefully today's review will help :)  Tomorrow we will be working with our "soil" lab.  I hope everyone has a nice evening.

        Today we discussed "Soil" in class.  We talked about where soil comes from and why we find different types of soil in different locations.  We also played BINGO with our vocabulary words.  The quiz over all the words is scheduled for Friday (not sure this is going to happen - will see how much we get done tomorrow)  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Today the kids worked on creating their own rock cycle diagram after they completed a quick check of the Mineral Mania web quest and turned in the "bonus points" paper.   I saw a lot of really good diagrams.  We will finish these in class tomorrow.  Graded papers were returned today.  These should be in the green Science notebook.  Hope everyone stays warm tonight :)

        The Rock Cycle was the topic we worked with today.  After watching a 25 minute video, the kids worked on getting a personal understanding of how rocks change from one type to another.  We looked at many different diagrams of the rock cycle and discussed how they will begin working on their own illustration tomorrow.  Have a nice evening :)

        Today the kids read specific pages from the textbook and then shared their knowledge with the rest of the class.  We were learning about rocks!  We all know the three main types of rocks and how they are formed.  I hope everyone enjoys their extra day off this weekend....See you on Tuesday!

        We were in the laptop lab today working on our "Mineral Mania" web quest.  Many kids finished - but if it was not completed, I do expect it to be done by next Wednesday.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day!  Stay warm :)

        Today we went over the mineral ID activity the kids have worked on for the past 2 day.  We then watched a Brain Pop video titled "Mineral Identification" and they completed the quiz individually.  Word search/decoding paper was available - this will be for bonus points.  It will be collected next Wednesday.  Have a nice evening :)

        We finished working on the mineral identification activity today.  We'll find out how successful we were in using the tools provided tomorrow in class.   I hope everyone has a great evening!

        The kids worked on a "Mineral Identification" activity in class today.  They are using the properties we discussed last week to work to identify unknown minerals.  We will continue with this tomorrow.  Hope you have a nice evening ;)

        In class today we watched a video titled "Minerals".  The kids listed 10 fast facts as they watched.  After a quick discussion they completed a non-fiction reading comprehension check by reading an article from the Science World magazine and answering some questions.  If they had free time they were encouraged to read other articles in the magazine.  Several graded papers were returned today.  These should be in the green Science folder.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.

        Today we discussed 3 ways geologist identify minerals.  We looked at the luster, hardness and streak of a variety of minerals.  The kids had the opportunity to work with a couple different sets of minerals.  We will put these skill to work next week when we complete the identification lab.  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Getting back into yesterday's groups, the kids completed handout #17 in class.  Everyone had the opportunity to verify all answers using the textbook.  We than added 10 new vocabulary words to our Earth Science Dictionaries.  Many had time to complete the homework paper in class.  Enjoy your evening!

        We began our discussion of "minerals" in class today.  Each student became an "expert" on one topic from the book and then shared with the rest of his/her group.  This took place after we went over last night's homework.  We discussed how my expectations for written responses are increasing as we practice more.  Today I had them identify how many points they think they earned for each answer and where they lost points.  My goal is that the "self" assessments will help them see where they need to improve.  Have a nice evening :)

        Today we put the lab sheet from Friday in our lab journal and then watched a video that helped us to get a better understanding of "erosion, weathering and deposition".  These vocabulary word are often confused by sixth graders .  A couple classes had time for a game or two of BINGO.  They are enjoying playing this game :)  I hope everyone stays safe and warm tonight.

        Short classes today due to our late start.  We completed a "candy bar tectonics" activity in class and then played BINGO (if we had time).  Hope everyone has a nice weekend - remember to "think Science!"

        We started the day with a grade level meeting with Mrs. Farbizo and Mr. Vickroy.  They discussed the use of handheld technology and cyber safety.  The kids were able to share with me the main points of the presentation after we were back in the classroom.  In Science today we reviewed by completing HO#14 together in class and then played BINGO.

        We played with play dough in Science today!  The kids should be able to share with you at least 2 different ways mountains are formed and how to create a topographical map :)  They seemed to enjoy the activity.  Try to stay dry tonight!

        We started our morning with a team meeting regarding Outdoor Education.  Mr. + showed the kids a short video about the camp and answered many questions.  He reminded us that the candy sale will start up again on Thursday - please think about having your student take part in this sale.  We do not want anyone not going to camp due to financial concerns.  
        In class today we reviewed the reading completed yesterday and then viewed a video titled "Why are the Mountains so High?".  The kids answered some questions about the video as they watched it.  With our discussion today and the reading they did yesterday, everyone should be able to explain how mountains are formed.
        Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Please see student planners....Mrs. Shaffer was not at school today.

        Today we viewed a video titled "What's Inside the Earth?"  The kids completed 10 review questions as they watched and we went over these together.  If time permitted they then worked to add additional vocabulary to their dictionaries.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Stay warm :)

        After a "gallery walk" to learn from each others projects each student completed a self assessment and turned in their projects.  We then discussed what makes the crust of the Earth move.  Homework was passed out at the end of class.  Stay warm :)

        The final work day for the Natural Disaster project was today.  We look forward to the gallery walk that we will take tomorrow.  It is always fun to see what everyone has accomplished!  Several students were busy today adding words to their Earth Science dictionary while others read Science World magazines.  Stay warm - see everyone tomorrow :)

        We had yet another day to work on the mini research project/display today.  We also went to the library to check out books.  I hope everyone has a great 4 day weekend :)

        We had another "work" day in class today.  The kids were busy on the computers, iPads and their own electronic devices to find those interesting facts and wonderful pictures.  Some of the projects are looking great - many still have work to do.  We have library tomorrow and will also have some time to work on these projects.  Remember the projects are due next Wednesday, January 23.  Hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Today was a work day for the Natural Disaster research project.  The kids seemed to enjoy finding interesting facts and deciding how they want to share them on their display.  More work time will be provided tomorrow.  
Have a great evening :)

        We spent a lot of time today discussing different types of natural disasters.  We watched a short video titled Volcano and a couple video clips about other types of natural disasters.  This information should help each student select the topic for the mini research project that is due next Wednesday.  Requirements for the project were discussed in class today.  We will spend the next few days working to create a 2D display that shares the information they find.  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        We were in the computer lab today continuing to work on the energy web quest.  Compliment celebration this afternoon was a success.  We have already started collecting compliments for our new goal of 150.  
Mrs. Falther had the team spelling bee today. Team Power will be represented at the building bee by Todd Davis, Megan Reynolds, Olivia Smith, Dalton Souder, Lauren Turner, Taylor Short, Michael Moore and Justin Maynard.  Our alternates are Connor Page and Isaiah O'Connor.  Congratulations to all who took part in this activity.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

        Today was our day to visit the library.  We discussed how this is the last week to meet those AR requirements.  After our library visit we double checked the "Where's My Water?" activity from Wednesday and added a couple more words to our Earth Science dictionary .  Monday's homework was passed out.  We look forward to another day in the computer lab tomorrow.  Have a nice evening!

        We spent our class time today in the computer lab.  The kids started working through a web quest about energy.  We have library tomorrow and will get back into the computer lab on Friday.  Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer temperatures.  Personally, I would rather have SNOW!  Be safe :)

        Today all classes were able to finish the lesson outline we started yesterday and go over it together.  We also discussed the water on our Earth.....ask your student how much of the Earth's water is actually available for us to drink.  We then started working on our Earth Science dictionary.  We will be adding words to this through out our unit.  Have a nice evening :)

        Graded papers were returned today.  Life Science unit test, picture books and Brain Pops over crystals and snowflakes were all returned.  Science notebooks should be cleaned out tonight.  We watched a short video titled Natural Resources.  The kids completed 10 "fast facts" as they watched the video.  After a short discussion, they worked with the textbooks on a lesson outline.  Stay warm :)

        Life Science unit test were shown to the kids today... I still have a couple that need to make it up on Monday I had to collect them.  Notebooks were returned today.  We did work on thinking about natural resources and our Earth Science studies.  They worked on a word search in class.

 I hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

        Welcome Back!  Today was library day and we took time to finish up the crystal lab reports and other items that we needed to take care of.  Have a nice evening :)

        Today we did a "gallery walk" of the picture books.  The kids got a little time to see what their classmates created.  They then completed a self assessment of their own book and turned them in to be graded.  I will be looking at these over break.  We introduced our "crystals" mini unit - we will be spending time on this until holiday break.  Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

        All classes went to the library today.  We will have one more chance to check out books to read over the holiday break.  Notebooks were checked and collected in class.  Many students used the time left to work on the picture books that are due tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Today was test day.  Many kids had time to finish up their microscope work, work on their picture book or organize their notebook when they finished the test.  We had a couple kids absent today - test will not be returned until all make-ups are completed.  Remember to bring library books to class tomorrow.  Have a nice evening!

    Today we reviewed for the test by playing "Quiz Bowl".  I could tell that most of the kids have been studying.  Please help your student review for the test on more time this evening.    Stay warm :)

        The students were given class time today to work on the Life Science Concept picture book.  This book is due to me Thursday - but I told them not to work on it at home.  I would rather them spend the time reviewing for the test.  We will have more in class time tomorrow and they can work on it after they finish their test on Wednesday.  Hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Today all classes spent 25 minutes in the library.  When in the classroom, we worked to finish the microscope work started yesterday.  I also passed out the information for the Life Science picture book they are required to complete as a review for the test.  We will work on this in class tomorrow and Monday.  Have a nice evening :)

        We were busy today.  Several graded papers were returned.  We finished up the last 3 vocabulary cards and discussed prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.  The kids then worked with the microscopes and classified the cells they were viewing.  Remember tomorrow is library day and we will have another bake sale in study hall.  Have a nice evening :)

        Today we put the final touches on the Mitosis mini posters we worked on yesterday and reviewed the entire process.  Students were to write the process on the back of the poster.  We will be adding this to the picture book of Life Science concepts that we will be making as a review for the up coming test.  The unit test is scheduled for next Wednesday, December 12.  Study guides were passed out today.  Hope you have a wonderful evening :)

        Mitosis was the topic of discussion in Science class today.  After watching a very short video clip. we opened our books and looked at the process of mitosis.  The kids worked to complete a mini-poster by sequencing drawings that illustrate the stages of this process.  We will finish it up tomorrow in class.  Remember that tomorrow is "electronics" day to raise money for our adopt-a-family project.  Hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Today we went over handout #26 (From Cells to Ecosystems).  I collected this paper for a grade.  We also talked about the unit test that will be coming up.  It looks like it will be scheduled on Tuesday the 12th or Wednesday the 13th of December.  Expect a study guide to come home the middle of next week.  There is a lot of content on this text - Waiting until the night before to study will not be a good strategy.  Please help them by reminding to review when they have the opportunity.
        I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

        It was library day - many exciting books were checked out.  I reminded everyone of the current AR requirements and encouraged them to get those test taken.  We had a short discussion about the classic "The Hobbit". Our new Science World magazine has an interesting article about the "science" that is being used to create the new movie set to be released in December.  We discussed how our eyes and brain work to view those 3D images.  We also discussed the career opportunities in this field of "science".

Hope you have a nice day :)

        Today we were in the computer lab.  The kids watched two short Brain Pop videos and completed a quiz on each.  They then spend time working with the web site "Cell's Alive".  Many enjoyed the interactive section.   They can show you this at home tonight:)  Hope you have a great evening.

        In class today we went over handout #25. The written response questions still seem to be where many are losing  points. I believe they know how to write good answers but many are not doing so.  I was disappointed to see so many that had not even attempted to answer these questions. This was collected and will be graded.  We also shared our "learning tools" for the 10 levels of organization.  Many of the kids did a nice job on the quick review they completed in class.  Tomorrow we will be spending class time in the computer lab!  Have a nice evening.

        Today we looked at a quick power point that illustrated the 10 levels of organization and read from the textbook to complete handout #26.  If this was not finished in class today - I will provide additional time tomorrow or Wednesday.

        Today we quickly reviewed the 10 levels of organization together as a class.  They then had time to complete HO#25 - Science World "A Northern Sea" packet in class.  We will go over these sometime next week.  There were a lot of students absent today so we will have to give them time to get things completed when they return.  

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you get to enjoy some quality family time.  See you all on Monday :)

        I returned the quiz from Friday and we went over it.  Handout # 15 was also returned.  We discussed the "levels of organization" of all living things.   We will spend more time with this after Thanksgiving break.    I hope everyone has a wonderful evening :)

        Quiz Day!  Everyone appeared ready for the quiz and most finished feeling like they had done a nice job.  I plan to get these graded so they can be returned on Monday.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

        Today all classes visited the library.  We worked to finish the worksheets or lab work that was started earlier in the week.  Remember to study for tomorrows quiz :)

        Review work completed in class today.  Make sure you spend a little time tonight reviewing for the quiz that you will take on Friday.  Remember library books - we go to the library tomorrow.

        Today was the final day of microscope work for now.  Lab journal entries should be complete.  We passed out a calendar that list the activities our team will be doing to raise money for our Adopt a Family project.  The kids seem excited to have these fun activities and to help a family have a nice holiday.  Try to keep warm tonight :)

        We continued working with the cheek cell and onion skin microscope lab.

        We had shortened classes today due to the "celebration" this afternoon.  In class we started creating wet mount slides and looking at our cheek cells or onion skin cells.  We will continue with this next Monday and Tuesday.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

        Library time today - most of the kids checked out 3 books that will help them meet their AR requirements.  In our classroom, we discussed the microscope work that will keep us busy for the next few days.  I demonstrated how to create a wet mount slide and returned the cell parts quiz they took yesterday.  I am offering a "re-take" tomorrow for those that want to try to improve their grade.    GREAT NEWS!!! We reached our compliment goal of 90 and will have a celebration tomorrow afternoon.  The kids can bring a snack and drink if they want for the movie :)

Have a nice evening!

        Today in class handout # 11 was returned and #13 was collected.  The kids completed the quiz over the parts of the plant and animal cell.  Most had time to get a good start on the handouts that are due Friday.  Remember tomorrow is library day.  Have a great evening.

        In class today we looked at the parts of the microscope and then had time to look through the microscopes.  We will continue to work with microscopes this week.  Make sure you are ready for the parts of the cells quiz which we have on Wednesday.  Enjoy your extra day off tomorrow - I will be in meetings all day :)  

        Today in Science class we went over the 17 vocabulary flashcards that were assigned on Tuesday.  Handout #8 was returned and should be in the green Science notebook.  I collected handout #11 to grade.  All classes had time to check out books during our weekly library visit.  Grade cards were sent home today.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

        Dial up Awareness - Anti-Bully day

        Today we took time to organize our Science notebooks.  The kids should have handout 1-11 in order and numbered (except handout #8 - I collected today to grade)  We reviewed cell anatomy and physiology together today.  Hope everyone has a nice Halloween evening :)

        We were busy today!  Science notebooks and Volume labs were returned to students.  The notebook needs to be cleaned out tonight and come back to class tomorrow with only the "Life Science" papers in it.  We will be taking a couple minutes tomorrow to get these organized and numbered.  We then went over the cell diagram they labeled last night.  Most of the kids did a very nice job on this.  I encouraged them to use this as 1 of their study tools for next Wednesday's quiz.  After this, the kids had time to begin working on the flashcards that are due Friday.  Due to our anti-bully day on Thursday, library visits being moved to Friday and no school next Tuesday - the cell quiz has been rescheduled for next Wednesday.  This will give them plenty of time to study :)

        Thursday is the day all classes visit the library.... I think everyone checked out a good book or two.  It's never to early to begin reading for next quarters AR requirement.  In our Science class time we completed our drawing of the plant cell.  Tonight all students should be reviewing both drawings.  A quiz over the cell anatomy is scheduled for next Friday.

        After a quick review of the material covered in class yesterday, we got out our colored pencils and drew and labeled an animal cell.  There are 13 major parts that we need to know.  Tomorrow we will work on the anatomy of a plant cell.  I hope everyone has the opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather :)  Have a nice evening.

        Today we spent time in class discussing the 6 characteristics all living things do.  We read and completed a worksheet together in class.  Tomorrow we will discuss the anatomy of both plant and animal cells.  Handout #20  (crossword puzzle) was returned and should be in the notebook when it is turned in tomorrow.  Have a nice evening :)

        We went over the organization of the Science Notebook (again ) today in class.  Students were given a list of all the papers that they should have in their notebooks.  Remember to have everything numbered and in order.  These will be collected on Wednesday to be graded.  We also started thinking about our new unit "Cells".  We watched a Bill Nye video and wrote down at least 10 facts from it.  We look forward to learning a lot more about cells :)  Have a nice evening.

        We were busy today in Science!  Almost everyone was able to finish with the "good experiment" paragraph and get it turned in.  They really did a great job with this - they were much quicker than I thought they would be :)  We also took time to visit the library - hopefully everyone has the books they need to get the AR goals accomplished.  Enjoy your weekend :)

        After completing a review of metric measurement and lab skills on the mimeo vote, the kids got busy  peer editing the "Good Experiment" paragraphs and working on the crossword puzzle that goes with the current Science World magazine.  Many of us will need to get finish these Friday or next week.  No school tomorrow for the kids - we have parent teacher conferences scheduled.  We look forward to meeting with those who have appointments.  Enjoy your evening :)

        Today we looked over our writing assignment with the grading rubric.  We will peer edit this in class tomorrow.  We also worked on our non fiction reading comprehension and vocabulary skills by working with the Science World magazine.  I hope everyone has a wonderful evening :)

        We were busy thinking about setting up a "good" experiment in class today.  The kids started a writing assignment that will be finished here at school on Friday.  There were a lot of good ideas shared in class - now we need to decide what is really important because the paragraph can only have 6 to 8 sentences.  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)


        It was library day today!  After checking out some good books the kids came back and finished writing up the lab report from yesterdays activity.  Remember tomorrow is Fall Festival day. Make sure they are dressed for the weather and they pack a lunch.

        Today we worked on the "Titanic" lab.  Many boats sank in our room.  The kids were testing the density of fresh water vs salt water.  We will continue to record our findings in our new lab journals tomorrow opposite our library time.  Fall festival is Friday - a few reminders concerning this came home today.  Hope you have a nice evening - I think the Shaffer family is going the Fairfield County fair tonight :)  I can't wait!

        Today we started our day with a visit from Mr. Derry.  He presented a positive message to the boys and girls about being good leaders.  Please encourage your student to share his message with you.  In Science class we looked at the relationship between volume and mass.  We discussed "density".  The kids had time to find the mass and volume of a couple items and use their calculator to determine the density of each item.  We will continue with density tomorrow and our "Titanic" lab.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        [Image:Volume lab report.doc]Today in class we spent time working on the formal lab report that is due by next Wednesday.   We discussed how this was going to be a grade in both Language Arts and Science.  The link above shows the format and information we went over in class.  The kids appeared to understand and for the most part were busy working on it in class.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

 I look forward to meeting with many parents on Monday at our conferences.  

        With library visits and our shortened class due to the compliment celebration, we didn't have much Science time today.  We talked about the "formal" lab report set-up and that it would be a grade in both Language Arts and Science.  We will spend class time tomorrow working on this.  It will be due to me next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Have a great evening :)

        We continued to collect data for our "Volume" lab.  I will go over the requirements for the "formal" lab report tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a great evening :)

        After a quick discussion of last night's homework we talked about "volume".  We discussed how we find the volume of regular shaped objects using the formula                                                                                                                                                                                  .  We also discussed finding the volume of irregular shaped objects using the water displacement method.  The kids started a lab today that they will work on again tomorrow.  They are creating their own lab report that includes the needed data table(s).  Have a nice evening.

        Today we got to take a quick peek at the vocabulary quizzes that were completed Friday.  These will be placed on our Science folders after all make ups have been completed.  We then discussed the Science World magazine they read on Friday.  I had them complete a reading comprehension check in class.  Most had time to get started on the homework assignment.  Hope everyone has a great evening :)

        It was Vocabulary Quiz day today.  The kids seemed prepared and completed the 21 multiple choice questions quickly.  I will get them graded over the weekend and get the grades posted.  We did have a couple kids out today so I won't hand them back until the make ups are completed.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

        Thursday is LIBRARY day!  All classes had time to select books during our visit today.  I encouraged them to get a non-fiction book to fulfill the AR requirement.  We also looked at last night's homework, there were still a few that had questions.  Remember that the vocabulary quiz is tomorrow - spend some time tonight reviewing.

        In class today we reviewed vocabulary, went over the lab activity completed this week and completed an in-class assignment over reading the triple beam balance.  The kids have a homework paper that involves converting metric units of measure.  I did a lot of small group/individual instruction with it today - hope all goes well at home :)  Have a nice evening!

        Today in class we finished up the lab activity started yesterday and added the end of the vocabulary to our notebook.  Make sure you study all 21 words that will be on Friday's quiz.  The quiz will multiple choice.  Bike helmet info came home today - please send this back so we can provide the helmets to your students.  Hope you have a nice evening :)

        We started class today by returning papers and organizing Science notebooks.  With the exception of the classification lab, all papers should be numbered and in the notebook.  We then moved into practicing using triple beam balances and spring scales.  We will add a couple more vocabulary words to our notebook tomorrow.  Quiz over vocabulary ONLY will be Friday.  Have a nice evening.

        Happy Friday!  Today in Science class we discussed and practiced reading graduated cylinders.  I showed the kids the link on my web page that provides them some good information and the opportunity to practice at home.  I understand if they don't find the time to do this over the weekend - but I would like them to visit it before the end of next week.  We will be using this skill soon when we find the volume of irregular shaped objects.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.

        It was library day today :).  Mrs. LeMond showed all 4 classes how to use the "Big Cat" catalogue to search for books.  We had our fall fundraiser assembly this afternoon.  The kids seem excited to sell the Entertainment Books.  Make sure you read over all the information that is coming home.  If you have questions, Mrs. Reed's email address is provided.  Hope everyone has a great evening!

        Today in science we went back and reviewed controls and variables.  The kids then completed a worksheet using a centimeter ruler.  Hope you have a great evening:)

        Today we looked at several pieces of Science equipment that we will be using this year.  We also worked to measure the length, height or width of several items in our classroom with metric units.  We looked at how easy it is to convert from one metric unit to another.  We should have a basic understanding of millimeters, centimeters, decimeters and meters.

        We completed a review of last weeks main topics in class today.  This will show me how well everyone is understanding the Scientific Method and controls and variables.  We start Scientific measurement tomorrow.  Remember "Bad Science" cartoons can be turned in starting Wednesday.  Please remember to staple the grading rubric to it before you turn it in.  I would like to have these by Friday.  If you need a little extra time - get it to me on Monday 9/24.

        In Science class today we reviewed controls and variables and completed a worksheet that reviewed reading charts and tables.  The kids seemed to understand both :)  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

        Today was library day - all classes spent 25 to 30 minutes looking for and checking out exciting books.  Most were looking in their AR reading range and  trying to select books that fulfill the AR requirements for this nine weeks.  With the shortened class time, we reviewed my expectations for the "Bad Science" cartoon and they had time to work on it.  

        Lab Safety was the topic in Science class today.  We completed some partner work identifying when some rules were not being followed and then completed Notes #2.  The kids will be starting to think about the "Bad Science" cartoon they will be creating.  Hopefully they will be sharing this information with you.  Tomorrow is library day - remember to return books if they are finished with them.

        Today we watched a video and discussed the Scientific Method.  Although the video was a bit dated and a little corny- the kids will remember the information that they saw.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        It is Monday and we were busy in Science class today!  We worked on reading comprehension with non-fiction print.  The kids seemed to enjoy their first issue of "Science World".  This Scholastic magazine will be used in class throughout the school year.  Have them tell you about the edible eyeballs we discussed today.  Have a nice evening :)

        Science class today was spent adding a few more vocabulary words to notes #1 and working to answer questions regarding yesterdays "classification" lab.  This were turned in before the end of class.  We all ended our day with an assembly informing the kids of various band and orchestra instruments.  Info came home with the kids that gives you details of the parent meeting next Wednesday.  Hope you have a nice evening :)

        "Classifying" kept us busy in Science class today.  Working with a partner or independently, students were to identify at least 8 different way to classify the same 6 shapes.  Some of us were really stretching our brains :)  

        Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend - the kids seemed to enjoy their extra day off!  Today in science most classes discussed the candle observations that we completed Friday and completed notes #1.  These notes include 5 of our "Lab Skills" vocabulary words.  Hopefully these were placed in the correct location in Science folders.  Have a great evening!

        Would you be a good witness to a crime?  That was the question we discussed today as we thought about OBSERVATIONS.  The kids discovered that scientist make both qualitative and quantitative observations in the experimental process.  They had the opportunity to practice this as they completed their candle observations.  They did a great job in class!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - enjoy your extra day off.

        Today in Science class we went to the computer lab.  After a quick look at the teacher web pages, the students all logged into their Goggle accounts and completed a questionnaire for our counselor, Mrs. Farbizo.  Most had time to visit links from my page and get on Goggle Earth.  They enjoyed finding their home from the satellite images.  Enjoy your evening!

        Today we went over classroom policies and procedures.  After this discussion we set up Science folders.  If your student did not have the green science folder with them today in class, please help them to have it by next Tuesday.  They also completed a student interest inventory for me - I am anxious to read over these and find out some of their "favorite" things.  I just heard today that the band parent meeting will be the evening of September 11.  More information will follow - but thought you might want to get it on your calendar.  Hope everyone has a great evening!

        "What is Science?" was the question we worked to answer today.  The kids completed 2 different activities in class and had to decide if what they did was "science".  I look forward to reading the worksheet they completed in class.  Have a nice evening!

        WOW!  What a great first day.  The kids were attentive, cooperative and on task all day.  We went over our team expectations, cafeteria and playground rules and worked on our team mission statement.  They did a lot of sitting and listening - and did a great job while doing this.  Tomorrow we will be on a regular schedule - switching classes.  I hope to see all those smiling faces in the morning.  Have a nice evening :)

        It has been a very busy week.  I was excited to meet so many wonderful students and parents Thursday evening at Open House.  I am anxious for Monday to finally arrive.  I have a few more final touches to take care of in our classroom tomorrow - but will be ready for all those smiles to start a great year on Monday.  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!

        It has been a wonderful year!  I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing summer :)

        Today we were semi-successful in launching rockets.  All the kids had an opportunity to to launch at least once.  Once in a while we had a malfunction but for the most part we heard "Lift-off".  Those who wish to try again will have the opportunity next Monday.  The kids all had fun and that was my main goal.  Remember that our awards program is tomorrow at 1:30.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        We had a great time at our career day sessions this morning.  We really appreciate all those parents and friends who came and talked to us about the careers they enjoy.  This afternoon the kids spent their Science time putting the finishing touches on their bottle rockets.  We will be launching tomorrow :).

        Most of the kids got a great start on their rockets in class today.  I am looking forward to seeing the final products tomorrow or Thursday.  Each class will launch Thursday (weather permitting).  Enjoy the evening :)

        Today was open notebook quiz day.  Some of the kids finished quicker than I thought they would - and some took over a hour to finish.  I am anxious to get them graded and see how they did. We will begin building bottle rockets on Tuesday.  The kids know they need to have a 2 liter bottle by then.  I hope everyone has a fun filled Memorial Day weekend.  See you on Tuesday :)

        We complete individual trait inventories in class today.  The students then compared their traits to those of the others in their group.  The then completed a data table determining the traits that occurred the most and created a bar graph to show their findings.  

        Today was "Dial Up Awareness" day at Diley.  The kids enjoyed the anti-bully break out sessions this morning.  Channel 4 was in the main gym while we were there - we might be on TV tonight! They each had the opportunity to make a necklace/bracelet/key chain with a cool charm.  They also added to the "Pinwheels for Peace" display that you saw if you stopped by the school this afternoon.  After lunch we enjoyed the message that author Ben Mikaelsen shared with us.  Hope everyone has a pleasant evening.

        Today in class several students needed to finish the worksheets from Friday before they could begin working with our last Science World magazine.  Everyone completed a comprehension and skill worksheet for me in class using information from the magazine.  We know that the last 5 illustrated vocabulary cards need to be finished by Friday and we will be having an open notebook quiz on Friday.  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Today we started class by going over last night's homework.  It appears most of them understand dominate and recessive traits and Punnett squares!  I am impressed.  Earth Day picture books and grade sheets were returned today.  I plan to send the books over to the first graders next week (unless an author wants to keep it).  We will continue our studies of inherited traits next week.  Remember the open notebook quiz is next Friday.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

        Busy day today!  We finalized our TOP TEN fast facts from yesterday's video before the kids worked  to complete an activity that helps us understand how an offsprings traits are determined.  We then spent about 10 minutes looking at tonight's homework paper.  I hope it does not cause any frustration tonight.  Enjoy!

        We reviewed information in the book about predicting traits and then watched a video titled "Genes & Heredity"  We know that there will be an open notebook quiz next Friday, May 25.

        Finishing up a lot of little projects kept us busy today.  Still had a few groups working on the picture books.  There will not be any additional class time given for this project.  Starting Monday groups that do not have this finished will need to work on it during recess.  Most of the kids got the required "thank you" cards turned in and some even got to the review of the "History of Genetics" packet.  We will review this on Monday.  I hope everyone has a restful weekend :)

        Most of us came in a little tired this morning - three days away from our regular schedule had many of us a little off our game.  We started slow by watching "Earnest goes to Camp"  and checking out the camp pics from the Shutterfly gallery.  Modified classes this afternoon found us finishing up the Earth Day picture books and writing a couple needed thank you notes.  Hope everyone has a restful evening.

        Today the kids worked with their "Earth Day" picture book groups.  Several books were bound and turned in however there are several more that still need a little work.  My hope is we will finish them on Thursday or Friday when we return from camp.  Have a wonderful weekend - see everyone on Monday!

        Class discussion and work on illustrated vocabulary cards kept us busy today.  Picture book work tomorrow.

        Today was work day on the picture books.  The books that I have read through are very nice!  The kids are working hard on them.  Tomorrow we will discuss the history of genetics using the textbook.  

        Organizing notebooks and introducing genetics kept us busy in class today.  I encouraged everyone to have just the 8 handouts in their Science notebook by class tomorrow.  You never know when I might do a unannounced notebook check (hint)!  Outdoor education and the end of the year are fast approaching - everyone is anxious - please remember we still have learning to do :)  Keeping our behavior in check is very important!

        Today we spent more time working with our groups on the "Earth Day"  picture books.  These books should be finished by Friday of this week.  We will have additional in class work time on Wednesday and Friday.  Some groups have a lot of work to get finished while others are almost done :)

        We spent our science time working on the picture books that we are in the process of making.  Many groups are well into the production phase - some are still in the creative stage.  By the end of class tomorrow I expect every group to be working on production.  

        I am happy to report that the kids appeared to work very hard on the Math OAA this morning.  We watched the video "FernGully" this afternoon.  Hope everyone has a great evening ....back to our regular schedule tomorrow.

        The kids did a great job with the reading OAA this morning.  They all appeared to be focused and giving their best effort!  Remember - Math OAA is tomorrow- get a good nights rest and eat a good breakfast!  We worked on the Earth Day picture books this afternoon.  See everyone in the morning :)

        Acid/Base lab kept everyone busy today :)  Just a reminder to get a good nights sleep and eat a good breakfast tomorrow morning.  We need everyone ready to do their best on the reading OAA tomorrow.  

        Today we discussed Earth Day which is Sunday.  The kids seemed to enjoy our game of Earth Day Jeopardy!  I encouraged all of them to carry out some type of "green" activity sometime over the weekend.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - THINK GREEN and Happy Earth Day!!

        We are back to Science today!  The kids read from the book a short section on Acids and Bases and then completed a couple worksheets.  Tomorrow we will be discussing Earth Day.  I hope you and your family have an Earth Day activity planned for Sunday, April 22.  Have a nice evening :)

        Today we practice writing equations from oral prompts.  Most of the kids did a nice job with this task.  We also started back with our Science curriculum and discussed "Acids and Bases."  We will continue this discussion tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

        We continue to work with linear equations and the "Hands on Equations" program.  Don't forget to complete the Science homework that was assigned yesterday :)

        Today we reviewed the "Hands on Equations" lessons from last week and then added subtraction to our linear equations.  Most of the kids are doing a great job with this program.  I think many of them are ready to go back to full time Science class!  We have a bit more practice before they complete their OAA next week before we start "full time" Science again :)  I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Today we spent a little time in class reading and talking about an article in the Science World magazine titled "Finding Nemo".  The kids have a homework assignment that goes with the article.  The worksheet and the graph are both due Friday.  We also spent more time with the Hands on Equations program.  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a restful Spring Break.  We are busy in Science this week working with the "Hands on Equations" system.  We will be working with this for the next week or two.

        Have a wonderful SPRING BREAK!

        The slime we made yesterday did not have the properties that "Flubber" had in the movie we watched today.  The movie was a nice break after many of them worked hard on the Algebra prognosis test.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.  Grade cards will come home tomorrow :)

        Egg observations, a solution review and making slime kept us busy today. Enjoy your evening.

        We went to the library during Science class today.  Once we returned to our classroom the kids had a chance to make quick observations on the "egg" experiment we set up yesterday.  Most students got back graded test and notebooks - those that did not will get them tomorrow.  Have a nice evening.

        Today in class we set up an experiment with eggs, vinegar and toothpaste.  We are wondering what the toothpaste will do to change the reaction of the vinegar on the egg shell.  The experiment is all set up and we will be making observations tomorrow.  We also "sucked" a hard boiled egg into a bottle and then worked together to come up with a way to get it out (without destroying the egg).  The kids were thinking like scientist today :0).  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        After notebooks were collected today, the kids had time to read through a current issue of Science World magazine.  They seemed to enjoy the article titled "Life Without Color" which was about albino animals.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend - when we come back to school on Monday we will be beginning the 4th quarter of the school year.  Boy the year is really moving by quickly!

        It was test day today.  The room was quiet all day :)  When I asked the kids what they thought of the test - most said it was easy.  We will see how easy when I start grading.  Hope everyone gets to go out and enjoy this beautiful weather tonight.

        Today we went over the study guide for tomorrow's TEST.  Please remind them to review again this evening.  

        Happy first day of Spring!  I hope everyone had a chance to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Today in class we observed a chemical reaction that created "foam".  All the kids had a chance to make their own cup of foam.  They seemed to enjoy this activity.  Remember the test is Thursday and notebooks will be checked on Friday.

        Busy day today!  The kids finished up the mixture and book work from yesterday if necessary.  They them worked on an activity that required them to make scientific observations when mixing powers with solutions.  They should be able to tell you all about it!  Our goal was to identify which were chemical changes and which were physical changes.  I look forward to our discussion on Monday to find out what they thought.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend :)  Happy St. Patrick's Day - enjoy the "green" luck of the Irish.

        Today the kids finished the Mixture Lab and read about chemical changes.  Study guides for next Thursday's test were passed out.  Notebooks will be checked sometime next week - please have your student check and make sure they have all the items numbered and in the correct order.  Hope you have a nice evening :)

        Happy Pi Day!  Today in Science we did a quick check of vocabulary and then got busy with our mixture activity.  The kids did a nice job with the triple beam balances as they found the mass of each part of their mixture.  We will continue with the activity tomorrow.   Test is scheduled for next Thursday, March 22.  Keep reviewing vocabulary - study guides will be passed out tomorrow.  Hope you get a chance to enjoy the sunshine this evening :)

        Today we took a little time to discuss the "Solutions" lab we completed in class yesterday.  After a nice discussion in each class we viewed a video titled "Elements, Compounds and Mixtures".  The kids then had about 10 minutes to check over their vocabulary.  There is a really good chance I will be checking for completed vocabulary tomorrow. (hint)   I hope everyone has a great evening !

        Today in Science class we were mixing solutions.  The kids came up with some new kool-aid flavors.  Some of them were very tasty while others not so good.  We will finish answering questions tomorrow in class.  The most recent vocabulary words (listed below) need to be added to the vocabulary list by Wednesday.  Many students have this completed - if your student doesn't please ask them to check out a book and get them finished.
        Solution, Solute, Solvent, Mixture, Colloid, Supsension, Heterogeneous (mixture) and  Solubility can be defined by using the glossary.  Definitions for Plasma, Immiscible liquids, Homogeneous mixture and Saturated solution can found in the text or on the board in our classroom.

        We started our morning with a meeting concerning 7th grade registration.  The kids did a great job listening to the guidance counselors from Ridgeview Jr. High.  They will be bringing a blue form home to you today to discuss the choices they have for 7th grade.  There is a parent meeting tonight where you can get any and all questions answered.  Please help your student remember to get the blue form turned in by Monday, March 12.  A reminder for everyone - Tomorrow is "ORANGE" day in honor of Rosie.  Remember to wear your orange.
        It was a quiet day in our classroom today - the kids spent time reading a lesson on mixtures and solutions from the book.  They also added 12 new words to their growing vocabulary list.   
 I hope you stay dry tonight :)

        Today in Science class we were testing the theory that "diffusion rate" will increase with temperature.  The kids worked in small groups to observe and record how fast food coloring would diffuse through 50 mL of water of various temperatures.  They will use the data collected today to create a line graph in Math tomorrow.  

        It was a busy day today - we went over yesterday's "in class" work and last nights homework before we completed a graphic representation of the states of matter.  We then reviewed the current vocabulary by playing bingo.  Tomorrow we will be completing a "Rate of Diffusion" lab.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        Today in class the students read from the textbook and completed a lesson outline.  We will be going over this "in class" work together tomorrow.  They also added 6 more words to the Physical Science vocabulary list they are working on.  This gives us a total of 22 words so far.  Homework was assigned - but many got it finished before they left the classroom.  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Today in Science we worked on understanding the periodic table a little more and then read the new Science World magazine.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

        Kids spent class time today building models of the molecules they selected.

        After a review of atoms and elements, we discussed molecules and compounds.  Together, as a class, we completed handout #16.  The kids are looking forward to building molecule models tomorrow with mini marshmallows and toothpicks.  Looking forward to seeing some parents at conferences tonight.

        Today, after a quick review of atomic structure, the kids worked to draw a model of the element they picked yesterday.  Many were able to finish these in class - if not it needs to be finished as homework.  Handout #15 - "Atom Models" was available for the kids to pick up today.  It is a homework paper that is due Friday.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        We had a very busy Monday in Science class.  The kids did a nice job as we went over handout #10 in class together.  We then worked through a power point on atomic structure.  Each student was assigned an element to work on a model.  We will continue to work on these tomorrow.

        Bill Nye the Science Guy kept us "thinking science" for the entire class today.  I am happy to report that everyone on the team has the 5 paragraph essay turned in!!!!    It was good to see all of "pink" today.  Glad that so many of us are taking a stand against bullying.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

        Busy day today as many of the kids finished typing their 5 paragraph essays.  Some turned them in today :)  Remember tomorrow is STAND UP AGAINST BULLYING DAY - Don't forget to wear our PINK!

        Welcome back after the long weekend.  I hope everyone enjoyed the extra day off :)  In Science class today the kids had the opportunity to finish the packet they started on Friday and then read a new Science World magazine.  Tomorrow and Thursday we will be in the laptop lab working to put the finishing touches on our 5 paragraph essays.  Peer editing and rewriting should be done so everyone is ready to type.  Final copies with work cited page are due to me by Friday, Feb. 24th.

        Students had time in class today to work on the rough draft of their 5 paragraph essay.  I will be checking tomorrow to see if everyone has started all 5 paragraphs.  We have many students that have mastered the elements!  All of class two has earned their 100% and they got a treat today.  I hope that the rest of us are able to find this success soon.  

        We spent class time today in the laptop lab working on the 5 paragraph essay.  I have shown the kids how to set up the word document and how to create the works cited page.  Rough drafts of all 5 paragraphs are due Friday.  Please remember to bring a printed copy so that it can be peer edited.  It is okay if this is hand written  as it is the rough draft.  We will be in the lab again next Wednesday and Thursday to type final copies.  We had a short team meeting right after recess - we discussed that starting tomorrow we will be implementing "lunch detention" for those students that need additional time to complete assigned work.  This will only affect those students who can't or don't find the time to complete homework at home.  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Happy Valentine's Day!  Today in Science class we spent time in the computer lab working with "citation maker".  This is the site I would like the kids to use when completing the bibliography for their 5 paragraph essay.  Remember rough drafts are due Friday of this week so we can peer edit them.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        Today we took the element quiz and then watched a Bill Nye video on Atoms.  The kids really enjoy these videos.  We will be busy working on the 5 paragraph essay this week - make sure the thumb drive is in class.  We will be in the computer lab both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Friday I hope to have them peer editing rough drafts.  Have a nice evening :)

        Today we created models of chemical compounds and write the chemical formulas for each.  The kids a nice job with this "in class" activity.  Tomorrow we will be making "density bottles" - remember to bring a clear plastic bottle that has a cap that will screw on tightly.   The kids that have bottles in class tomorrow will get to make the density bottles - there will not be a "make-up" day for this activity.  Hope everyone enjoys their evening:)

        I checked for the 10 fact cards today and then passed out a model of what the 5 paragraph essay should look like.  The kids also got a copy of the grading rubric for the essay - I encourage them to use it as they write.  We then used the book and discussed compounds.  The compliment celebration was a success this afternoon and we are looking forward to the next one!  Hope everyone has a great evening!

        In class today we went over last nights homework and then discussed "elements".  The kids got a list of elements to memorize - practice quiz will be Friday and the first real quiz will be Monday.  I will provide them with enough opportunities to do their best on this task.  Remember that 10 facts /note cards for the research project need to be in class tomorrow.  Have a good evening :)

        Today the kids had time to get the 8 current vocabulary words and definitions in their notebook.  They were able to choose the method to keep their vocabulary this unit.  You should find these word and definitions in the back pocket of their notebooks.  We also watched a short video titled "Properties of Matter".  Hope everyone has a nice evening - remember to finish the "Matter" worksheet :)

        Class #4 had the boat that held the most paper clips!  Nice job to all the kids on their design and understanding of density.  Next week we will be looking into atomic structure.  Keep working on the research project- see everyone Monday.

        The kids are enjoying the density lab - we will crown class champions tomorrow and then find out team champ during study hall.  We took time today to discuss writing the thesis statement for the research project that has been assigned.  They need to be working on finding facts about their scientist.  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Density lab kept up busy in class today - We will be finishing it up tomorrow.  We will also be working to write a good thesis sentence for the 5 paragraph essay they are working on.  Remember to keep finding facts about your scientist - you need 10 note cards by next Wednesday.   The outdoor education candy sale started today - remember the contract and your $15.00 tomorrow if you want to take part in this sale.  Hope everyone has a great evening!

        In class today we self graded our notebooks before they were collected.  We also got information about the mini research project that we will be starting tomorrow.  Please remember to select a scientist you are interested in for this project.  We will be going to the library tomorrow in Science class to help you make your final decision.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        Today the kids completed the content quiz and then had a little time to work on the Rock Cycle diagram that is due Monday.  Remember to organize notebooks if you have not already done so.  Have a great weekend :)

        Vocabulary  quiz and working on Rock Cycle diagrams kept us busy in class today.

        After a quick review of reading charts and tables, the kids worked on the rock cycle diagrams.  Please remember I don't want you using your Science time tonight working on these - PLEASE study for tomorrow's vocabulary quiz.  I would like the rock cycle diagrams Friday - but it is okay if I don't get it until Monday.  Enjoy!

        Today in class we traded and graded dictionaries before we discussed the rock cycle diagram that was assigned.  Please encourage your sixth grader to come to class tomorrow with a good idea/understanding of what their personal rock cycle diagram is going to look like.  They will have time in class tomorrow to work on it.
Hope everyone has a good evening :)

        Today in class we watched a video on the rock cycle.  We also spent some time getting missing papers completed and turned in.  Dictionaries will be graded in class tomorrow.  Remember vocabulary. quiz is Thursday and content quiz will be Friday.  Please spend a couple minutes each evening this week reviewing Science.  

        We were in the laptop lab today.  Hope everyone has a nice long weekend!

        We had another busy day in Science class.  Today we started class by collecting the "Fading Away" lab that was completed in class yesterday and finished for homework.  I also collected the last extra credit sheet for this grading period.  The kids read a few pages from the textbook while several papers were passed out.  We discussed "soil" and then completed handout 13 together in class.  The kids got the notebook grade sheet, the dictionary grade sheet and study guides for next weeks quizzes.  Please encourage them to spend time with these.

        I hope everyone had a nice long weekend!  The kids seemed a little tired this morning but it didn't take them long to get in the swing of the day.  The integration team is back with us at Diley - so we are on our adjusted schedule.  In Science today we reviewed erosion, weathering and deposition before completing an activity that demonstrated the difference between chemical and physical (mechanical) weathering.  Some of the kids had time to add 5 more words to the Earth Science dictionary - some of us will do this tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        The late start this morning created short classes and a very busy day!  I collect Crystal Growth lab reports before we worked on a "Rock Sort" activity.  Many of the kids did a nice job identifying characteristics of the three main types of rocks.  Although we had to work quickly - I was impressed by their observations.  I hope everyone stays warm and has a wonderful weekend.

        In Science class we viewed a video titled Rocks.  The students took notes on the 3 main types of rocks, how they are formed and a couple examples of each as the watched.  After a short discussion of the video, they completed the front of HO#11 and then had a little time to work on the lab report (that is due tomorrow), study vocabulary with a partner or spend time observing the rock samples that are out.  Hope everyone has a great evening!

        Class time today was spent discussing and learning about rocks.  We reviewed the 3 main types of rocks that many of us already knew about.  There were samples of rocks the kids had time to examine.  We also added 10 more words to our Earth Science dictionary.  We should now have 39 words and definitions in the dictionary.  The kids are welcome to check out a book if they need to get caught up.
      Try to stay dry this evening - the weather is changing quickly!

        We spent time in the laptop lab today working on the Mineral Mania web quest.  The kids did a great job staying focused and working hard.  Remember the lab report on the crystal growth is due Friday.

        Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Today in Science class we took time to return graded papers and get our notebooks organized.  I did speak to all students who have missing grades.  I hope all that work is turned in soon.  We also completed our last observation of the crystals and discussed the formal lab report that is due Friday.  The grading rubric and comprehension questions were passed out and discussed.  Lastly we went over the Mineral Identification activity they worked on last week.  

        Today we spent time working on a "Mineral Identification" lab.  We will continue with this tomorrow.

        Today we continued with the crystal lab observations - hopefully they are thinking about how they plan to get this in "final copy" form by next Friday when it is due.  We also spent class time with the newest "Science World" magazine.  Hope everyone has a great evening!

        Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful break.  The kids seemed to be a little tired today - we will all need to get back on our "school" schedule  :) .  Today in Science class we made another observation of the "crystal growth" lab.  They were excited to see "it worked"!  Additional observations will be made though Monday of next week.  The students will need to write the formal lab report after making the final observation.  After making the observations we watched a video titled Rock and Minerals .  This helped to get us thinking in the right direction again.  Hope everyone has a nice evening - try to stay warm .

        What a busy day we had.  The kids did a great job bringing in items for the breakfast buffet.  I didn't think it was possible for them to eat all that bacon - but they did!  We had a short Science class where they made additional observations on their crystal growth.  They also observed the other groups product as well.  Hope they have more to look at when we get to make another observation after break.  I want to thank so many of you for remembering me with a gift or card today.  I appreciate all the wonderful things.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break.  Be safe and I will see you in 2012.

         Today the kids worked with their table groups to set up a crystal growing lab.  Each should have a materials list and the procedure written on notebook paper in their green Science folder.  We will make observations  on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

        Today we discussed the reading they did yesterday, completed a worksheet that reviewed minerals, added more words to the Earth Science Dictionary and then worked on a card or note for Mrs. Falther.   They stayed very busy!  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        I was out on Wednesday - Mrs. Jones, my sub said the kids were pretty good.  They worked with a Science World magazine.

        Science class today included a discussion about the formation and uses of minerals.  We looked at a short power point presentation and watched a video about minerals.  Remember "Front Page" projects are due tomorrow.  Shopping for our adopt-a-family is tonight at 6:30 at Target.  Enjoy!

        Today in Science class we discussed how minerals can be identified.  Students read a few pages in the textbook and then were given 25 minutes to work on the "Front Page" projects that are due Wednesday.  Today was the last in-class time I am going to provide.  They will need to use their study hall, power time or finish this at home.  Several more were turned in today - they look nice.   Students were given a newsletter that provides information about shopping for our adopt-a-family boys.  Make sure this is shared with someone at home.  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Science class was only 20 minutes long today due to the assembly and our movie for adopt-a-family.   Most groups worked on the construction of their front page.  I am impressed by many of the projects I am seeing.  Next week we will begin discussing mineral identification.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - ENJOY!

        Today we worked in the classroom on the Front Page project.  Many students still needed computer time.  I hope that we get better at making the most of the time I provide for them in the computer lab. Final copy of each "Front Page" is due to me by next Wednesday.  Remember tomorrow is the last day for the adopt a family candy cane sale and it is the last "fun" day for our community service project.   Hope everyone has a wonderful evening - Stay Warm!

        Another day in the laptop lab should have provided the students with time to finish research and get their articles well under way.  We will begin actual page layout and production tomorrow in class.  

        Sorry for the late update - I was out yesterday.  Mrs. Jones took all classes to the laptop lab to work on projects.

        Today was extra recess day for our adopt-a-family project.  With Science and Social Studies classes a little short, the morning and afternoon groups each got to spend some time in the gym.  In Science class, the kids completed a bar graph and got to meet with their project group for a little bit.  Project information sheets were passed out today.  We will spend class time the next 2 days in the laptop lab gathering information for the "Front Page" project.  Tomorrow is "game day" in Math so don't forget you dollar.  Try to stay dry tonight - Have a great evening.

        Short classes today due to the pep assembly - we watched a video titled Volcano.  We then got a little information about the Front Page newspaper project they will be working on next week.  Remember that Monday is "extra recess" day for adopt a family and the candy cane sale begins.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

        Boy it is hard to believe it is already December!  In class today we had a quick discussion on how mountains are formed and then I gave them time to "listen to their music" while they added more words to the Earth Science dictionary.  A total of 20 words so far!  Tomorrow we are having a Pep Rally to show support for the Tiger Football team - please remember to wear purple and white :)

        Today in class we used a compass to locate the "focus" of an earthquake.  The kids did a nice job. Notebooks need to be cleaned out - but make sure the new papers stay.  Handouts 1&2, Notes 1 and the dictionary should remain in the Science notebook.  Tomorrow is "music day" for the adopt a family project.  

        Today we discussed and watched a video about earthquakes.  Most students got several words added to the Earth Science dictionary they are working on.  Remember tomorrow is pajama day for our adopt-a-family project.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        Today was a busy day in Science.  We started talking about Earth Science, which is our new unit of study.  The students put together the Earth Science Dictionary they will be working on.  I wonder how many words we will get to add to our you think more than 50?  I guess we will find out soon.  I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  Remember we are working to raise money for our adopt-a-family project.  Tomorrow is "Snack Day" :0)

        Classes were shortened today so we had time for our compliment celebration.  The kids completed a comprehension worksheet in class.  They got information about our adopt-a-family project and the many fun days we have planned.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

        Today was test day and notebooks were collected.  We reached our 100th compliment and will be having our "celebration" tomorrow afternoon.  Hope everyone enjoys the evening without Science homework :)  Have a good one!

        We finished the plant and animal cell lab sheets today.  TEST is Monday- STUDY  over the weekend.  Have a nice weekend.

        We were still looking through those microscopes today :).  The kids are getting better at focusing on the cells.  Tomorrow will be the day to finish up the lab sheets.  Those that want to re-take the parts of the cells quiz will have that opportunity tomorrow in class.  Remember to study if you are going to re-take.  Hope you can all make it to Family Fun Night this evening.

        Microscope work kept up very busy in Science class today.  We were looking at onion skin cells and drawing what we see.  The students like to "sketch" more than doing detailed drawings.  We will continue with this activity tomorrow.  Remember the test will be Monday.  I will be offering a re-take on the "Parts of Cell" quiz on Friday.

        Taking the quiz over the parts of plant and animal cells was first on our agenda in Science class today.   Once the students completed this they were to pick up the study guide for next Monday's unit test and tonight's homework.  The articles in the Science World magazine kept their interest most of the rest of class time.  We are glad to be back on our regular schedule - but are going to miss our time with the Global Integration Team.

        Science class today was spent reviewing for tomorrow's quiz over the parts of the plant and animal cell.  The kids had time to complete a diagram that we went over together.  Everyone should have a correct diagram to use as a study guide tonight.  

        Happy Veterans Day!  I would like to thank all the Veterans for what they have done for us.  In Science class today we traded and graded the flashcards that were finished for homework last night.  We also watch the Bill Nye video in "Cells".  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - See you Monday :)

        Today in Science, the students watched a video titled "Cells".  They took "fast facts" as they watched.  It was a good review of the parts of animal cells and the function of each part.  They then had time to begin working on the 13 flash cards they need to do have done for class tomorrow.  Quiz over the parts of the cells is on the schedule for next Tuesday.  

        Today in all Science classes we drew and labeled a plant cell.  We know that a plant cell has a cell wall and chloroplast that are not found in animal cells.  We have some really good artist on Team Power......they did a nice job with their drawings.  There will be a quiz next Tuesday over the parts of the plant and animal cell.

        Today in Science we finished notes #2 on the levels of organization.  We also drew and labeled an Animal Cell.  The kids did a nice job with their drawings :)  Hope everyone enjoys the day off tomorrow.  See you on Wednesday.

        Today we completed notes on the 6 life processes and started notes on the levels of organization.  We will finish these notes on Monday.  Grade cards were passed during study hall.  We were very pleased to reward all of our hard working students.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

        We went over the Microscope Stations today in class.  We will work with the textbooks tomorrow.

        We finished up the Microscope Stations today.  Look forward to going over them tomorrow and discussing the "Cell" info they read with Mrs. McMullen.  Hope everyone gets outside and enjoys the nice weather this evening ;)

        We took the parts of the microscope quiz today.  Most of the kids finished quickly - Hope that means they knew their stuff :)  We enjoyed several "magic" tricks after the quiz was finished.  The magicians also explained to us the science behind their magic.  They did a great job!  We also had a couple kids literally walking on eggs today.  Honestly, they did terrific!  We only broke 6 eggs all day.  I appreciate the extra effort these kids put into Science.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend.  I will be going to Defiance to be with my friend, Mrs. Falther, at her father's funeral on Monday.  Please remind your student that we both expect them to be on their best behavior for the subs.  See everyone on Tuesday.

        Microscope stations again today.  I think one more day and we will have these finished :)  I am looking forward to seeing the extra credit magic tricks and those "egg walking" shoes tomorrow!  Hope you keep warm tonight.

        Class today was spent in the computer lab.  The kids visited and rated 3 different sites that go with the microscope stations.

        Microscope stations kept us busy in Science class today.  Tomorrow we will be in the laptop lab doing more microscope work.  Hope everyone gets out to enjoy the nice weather this evening.  Remember to review for Friday's quiz over the parts of the microscope.

        We started our three week rotation with the Integration Team today.  This experience has caused a slight change in our daily schedule.  The students seemed excited to be down in the "special" areas of our building.  In Science today we worked with the Science World magazine. The kids read the article about the Morning Glory geyser in Yellowstone.  We have a pretty good understanding as to why the temperature is cooling and the microorganisms are able to thrive.  Hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        We spent our class time in the computer lab today.  All students were to complete the Brain Pop titled "microscopes" and then work with the virtual microscope that is located in my "links for you" tab.  I look forward to meeting with more parents at conferences tomorrow and the Fall Festival on Friday.  I hope you stay dry tonight!

        We reviewed the parts of the microscope and discussed the function of each part.  The kids created flashcards to help them study for next Friday's quiz.  Graded papers were returned today - look for the notebook grade sheet and the "volume" paragraph.

        "The Unknown World" is the video we watched today.  This film allowed us to get an up close view of many critters magnified to monster size.   

        No school Thursday as we have the second round of parent teacher conferences.
        Friday is our Fall Festival. Thanks so much for our wonderful PTSO for all their hard work.

        Quick review of yesterday's video and then we moved on to a discussion of our new unit "Life Science".  We will spend a few days working with microscopes before we start learning the parts of both plant and animal cells.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend:)

        We watched Bill Nye -The Science Guy today :).  The kids should be able to explain "pseudoscience" to someone at home.  They also might want to start working on the extra credit options discussed today.  They can perform a magic trick for the class and explain the science behind it or design and build a pair of shoes that will allow them to walk on eggs without breaking them.  These are optional opportunities  Expect more information to come home soon.  Hope you have a nice evening.

        Today notebooks were collected and they kids completed the unit test.  It looked like they were working hard.   Pictures were sent home with those that ordered.  Hope you enjoy the evening :)

        Today in class we reviewed for tomorrow test by going over handout #21 and #22.  Remember that the unit test is tomorrow and notebooks will be collected for a grade.  The kids have a study guide and a notebook grade sheet.  They know what they need to do.....I hope they do it!  Have a good evening :)

        Took vocabulary quiz and worked on organizing notebooks today.  I reminded the kids that our unit test is next Wednesday.  It might be a good idea to review Monday even though they don't have school.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

        Finished up the measurement practical today.  Graded papers were returned to students.  Remember the vocabulary quiz is tomorrow.  We are looking forward to hearing what Mr. Derry has to share with us tomorrow morning in the GOOD program assembly.  Hope everyone enjoys the beautiful weather tonight!

        Today was a busy day in Science.  Many of the students completed the "practical" review of metric measurement and using science tools.  Those that did not complete this today, will do so tomorrow.  While some worked on this the others worked to complete a review of the Scientific Method and write a rough draft of their Volume paragraph.  Both of these papers can be found in your students green Science folder.  Remember the vocabulary quiz is Friday and the Test is next Wednesday.  Study guides were sent home today.

        Class started today with a review game of the vocabulary words for Friday's quiz.  Most of the students were able to correctly identify the word I gave them - hopefully they will know all 23 for the quiz.  We then discussed dependent and independent variables in an experimental situation and as a class identified them in situations given.  It looks like most of them are ready for next weeks test.

        Today we reviewed all 23 words that will be on Friday's vocabulary quiz.  We also discussed the answers to the 3 questions on the volume lab.  We found out that the unit test over Lab Skills will be next Wednesday.

        Today the kids finished up the "volume" lab and answered the 3 questions on the lab sheet.  They also worked to add some vocabulary to their notes.  We will finish the notes on Monday.   We are CELEBRATING tomorrow!!!  Team Power students have earned 50 more compliments and reached the goal that we set.  They need to bring a snack and drink to enjoy at the celebration.  I am very proud of the kids we have this year - they are doing great work both in and out of the classroom.  Please encourage them to keep up the good work.

        We worked hard in Science class today!  After a quick review of "mass" and going over the 3 questions on the front of yesterday's lab sheet, we started talking about "volume."  The kids knew how to find the volume of a regular shape using the formula from Math - but it took us a little while to discover the water displacement method for irregular shaped objects.  They all worked with graduated cylinders and various objects to practice this method.  We will finish this tomorrow.  Tonight's homework is practice reading graduated cylinders - they appeared to understand when they left me - I hope they remember when they get home :)
Have a great evening!

        Today class started with a quick review of yesterday's lesson on metric units of linear length.  Finding the "mass" of objects was our next task.  The students worked with a partner or group of three using a triple beam balance to find the mass of various objects.  For the most part they did a nice job with this activity.  Tomorrow we will be finding the "volume" of irregularly shaped objects!  Sounds like great fun!  Thanks so much to those of you that sent in the Entertainment book materials today.  We still have several people who need to return books or send in money.  Please get this taken care of as soon as you can.  Hope everyone has a great evening.

        Today we spent our time in class working with metric unit of linear length.  The kids work in table groups to select appropriate units of measure, estimated the length and then measured.  They did a nice job with this activity.

        Finished the "Bounce Lab" today and turned it in.

        Most of the students started the final copy of their graph in class today.   Hopefully everyone now understands that the "x" and "y" axis need a scale with equal intervals.  They received the questions that are to be completed and included in the "Bounce Lab" when it is turned in tomorrow.   remember tomorrow is"Pickerington Spirit" day and everyone is encouraged to where their Pickerington Purple.  Hope everyone has a nice evening!

        Data collection was finished today and we began talking line graphs.  The kids will be responsible for a triple line graph to illustrate the data they collected.  They did a great job with pictures this morning.  Hope everyone enjoys their evening.

        Today classes were short due to our time with the Global Integration Team.  The kids continued to collect data for the bounce height activity.  Tomorrow we will be graphing our data.

        We put the information from Friday about the scientific method to use today.  We began working to solve the problem presented on handout # 11.  "Will drop height affect the bounce height of three different types of balls?"  Students started collecting data in class today.  We will finish data collection tomorrow.  Remember to sell those entertainment book - money and orders can be turned in on Wednesday.

        Today we reviewed the scientific method by completing some notes in class and watching a video.  Entertainment book were sent home with all students today.  They should sell one of the books and then keep the second book to use as a sample and take orders for additional books.  Please look over the information that was included in the bag.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

        We finished the dichotomous key activity today.  Most of the students had time to get started on their homework.  Tomorrow we will be talking about the "scientific method".  Fall fund raiser information will come home tomorrow.  I want to thank you in advance for your help with this project.  The money earned allows our PTSO to provide many worthwhile activities for our Diley kids.

        Today we continued to work with the classification of objects.  The students worked with a partner to use a dichotomous key to give nonsense names to common household items.  They worked hard in class and will finish this activity tomorrow.   
Picture information was sent home today.  Picture day is next Wednesday.  
Hope you have a great evening!

        Class time today was spent writing good answers to the questions that went with yesterday's activity.  The students self graded the questions so they could see what I expect in written responses.  You should be able to find this paper in their green Science folder.  The score on it was for their information and was not recorded.  Enjoy your evening!

        Today in Science we added a few words to notes #2 and worked on a "classification" activity.  The kids had to stretch their brains to come up with at least 8 different ways to classify the same 6 shapes/objects.  I was impressed with how quickly some of them were able to do this!  Hope everyone has a nice evening.

        Today we finished the Balloon Observation activity and turned it in.  Bad Science cartoons were also collected today.  The kids seemed to enjoy the "celebration" activity in the gym this afternoon.  Our new goal is 50 compliments - Mr. Whitcraft challenged them to try to earn them in 3 weeks!  I hope they do it!!!!  Have a nice weekend!

        Today we reviewed the two main types of observations, answered the questions from the candle observation activity and started making observations on balloons.  It was a very busy day!  Hope everyone has a nice evening...see you tomorrow.

Candle observations were the main focus in Science class today.  The kids should be able to enlighten your dinner conservation by explaining the difference between "qualitative and quantitative" observations.

Today we reviewed our definition of Science and added a couple other words to notes #2.  We discussed the difference between "inferences and observations".  The homework has them practicing this concept.  

Today the kids worked on the rough draft of their "Bad Science" cartoon.  I believe most of them were productive.  I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!  See you Tuesday.......

Today we discussed Lab Safety Rules.  The kids are thinking about the "Bad Science" cartoon they will be working on tomorrow.  I am anxious to see what they come up with!

In Science class today we went over my expectations and procedures for class.  We also set up our Science folders.  Students will be able to share this with someone at home tonight.  Please take time to read and discuss these this evening.  Tomorrow we will be thinking about lab safety.

Today was our first day of actually having Science class.  We discussed what "Science" really is to us.  The kids had the opportunity to add their ideas to the white board.  We completed an activity where they made "silly putty".  Was this really "science"?  We will find out what they think when they come back tomorrow with their homework finished.  Have a good evening :)

Great Day!  It is going to be a wonderful year!  Remember to get forms filled out tonight and bring them back to me tomorrow :)

It was great meeting so many of my new students last night at Open House.  I am still busy working on schedules and getting things ready for next week.  Can't wait for Monday!  It is going to be a wonderful year :)

I am busy getting ready for the new school year.  I hope that everyone has enjoyed their summer and is about ready to start sixth grade.  I look forward to meeting all my new students and their parents.  I know we will have a wonderful year.

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