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        Today in Math we went over last night's homework before reviewing the 4 formulas we need to know. The students completed a "formula reference sheet" that they are able to use as needed.  We will be having an assessment next Thursday over Lessons 22, 23 and 24 in our Springboard books.  In Science we viewed a video covering the properties of matter and then worked for 15 to 20 minute on a comprehension packet over the book material we cover Monday and Tuesday.  

Try to stay dry tonight :)

.  4-7
        In Math today we talked about and practiced finding the area of triangles and trapezoids.  The kids had at least 15 minutes of class time today to get started on the homework.  In Science we discussed physical properties of matter.  
        Verification of 7th grade classes were passed out today.  If something needs to be changed please make the correction on the form and return it.  If it looks good you do not need to do anything.

I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Welcome Back !  Today we reviewed finding the perimeter and area of composite figures in Math.  In Science we looked at what matter is.  I hope everyone had a nice Spring break !

        Enjoy Spring Break :)

        In Math today we worked on finding the area and perimeter of composite figures.  In Science the kids completed the unit test.  Notebooks were collected.  Mr. Griffin stopped in to talk about the dodge ball tournament the student council is sponsoring in May.  Have your sixth grader tell you all about this :0 )  
Have a great evening!

        First let me apologize to those who check my website on a regular basis,  I am sorry I have not kept the site current recently.  The district changed our email server so I am not on First Class daily and just don't remember to log in and do it.  It is totally my issue and I have posted yet another note on my computer to help me remember.  I will try to keep you up to date from this point on.  
        Today in Math we reviewed yet again angles and protractor use. They assured me that they have "GOT IT!"  We then completed a quick review of quadrilaterals before they started on ST.  There was a worksheet passed out at the end of class for homework.  In Science we talked about the sediment tube lab we completed this week and then worked to review for tomorrow's test.  Please make sure the notebooks are organized - they will be checked tomorrow.
Have a nice evening :)

        Today in Math the kids completed the Unit 5 pre-test on Lightning Grader and then graded papers were returned.  The Embedded Assessment was the last grade I entered before posting grades for grade cards.  We looked over returned papers - there were not many questions.  Unit 5 will cover Geometry concepts.  The kids seemed to be excited about this.   In Science they completed the vocabulary quiz and then worked on the Science World handout they started yesterday.  I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        It was Embedded Assessment day in math.  Once the kids finished they got busy working with ST.  In science we discussed soil and completed a worksheet that had us interpreting an illustration.  We discussed this before the end of class.
SOCIAL STUDIES testing is tomorrow - remember those earbuds/headphones.

        We work through the entire study guide today in class.  I encouraged he kids to complete page 273 as yet another review for tomorrows embedded assessment.  In Science we did a gallery walk to look at all the cool rock cycle learning posters.  Remember the vocabulary quiz is next Tuesday.
Have a nice evening.

        Math today was busy working through pages 269 and 270.  We discussed how this is a difficult topic and we need to do our best.  The study guide for Thursday's embedded assessment is tonight's homework.  In Science we were in the activity lab so that those who needed to print for their rock cycle had the opportunity.  Rock Cycle Learning posters are due tomorrow.  Have a nice evening :)

        In Math we went over pages 265 and 266 together in class.  The kids appear to understand finding the % of a whole.  We will continue to work with this topic tomorrow.  Embedded assessment is scheduled for Thursday.  In Science we reviewed the requirements for the Rock Cycle learning poster that is due Wednesday.  We will be in the computer lab tomorrow to finish printing any needed pictures or information.  Vocabulary quiz over the words in the dictionary is scheduled for next Tuesday.
PARCC Social Studies test has been moved to Friday afternoon due to some technical difficulties today.  Have a nice evening - enjoy the sunshine.

        Busy day math we went over lesson 20-3 together and in Science the kids reviewed vocabulary and completed 2 Brain Pops.  
Tomorrow afternoon we will be PARCC testing.  Please remember those headphones/earbuds and get a good night's sleep.  Everything is going to be great! No worries!  Bring your positive attitude tomorrow!

        Ok - it is Wednesday already!  In Math today we worked on decimal models and skill sheets.  Tonight's homework is to work through the beginning of lesson 20-3.  In Sceince graded papers were returned and time was given to work on dictionaries.  Rock samples are available for the kids to look at and compare.  Hopefully they can see and understand the differenced\s between metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks.  Have a nice evening :)
PARCC Testing will now begin on Friday- make sure you have earbuds/headphones.

        Welcome Back!  We were glad to be back at Diley today :)  In Math we went over the material in Lesson 20-2 as a whole class.  The homework paper is another look at the same information.  Graded Embedded assessments were returned.  We then went to the computer lab to work on ST Math.  In Science we finished up handouts 12 and 13 before we self checked.  Keep working on that dictionary.
Stay warm tonight :)

        Today in Math we talked a little bit about %'s.  Your sixth grader should be able to help you determine the tip you want to leave your server if you go out to dinner for Valentine's Day.  We also worked on ST Math.  In Science I took the time to verify that I had a lab report from everyone.  The kids worked on a Science World crossword.  We ended our day with our compliment celebration - we went down to the gym and burned off some energy :)  I hope everyone has a great weekend - stay warm!

        We reviewed for tomorrow's Math quiz by working through the study guide.  I encouraged the kids to look over page 245 as an additional review.  In Science we were in the computer lab working on the crystal lab report that is due by Friday.  The kids know they can get into their google account and work on this at home.  Remind them that they need to share with me and turn in the grading rubric.  Have a wonderful evening ;)

        We were busy in Math today - we went over the review questions for activity 19 (pages 242 and 243)  Working with a partner, the kids appeared to have a solid grasp of this material.  They have  a worksheet tonight that goes over this and the end of Activity 18.  This will be a graded paper and should be the major focus tonight.  We will be going over the study guide in class tomorrow - if they have questions I will be happy to help them then.  Remember the quiz is Thursday.  In Science the kids partner read about rocks and soil.  We will be in the computer lab tomorrow working on the lab report that is due Friday.  Have a nice evening :)

In Math class today, Mrs. Allen visited with us to practice for the upcoming PARCC test.  The kids worked through 5 questions in class and then went over them with Mrs. Allen.  She then had then start the second sections recording their answers on the paper copy she passed out.  I encouraged the kids to put additional time into this practice test.  We will be going over the correct answers one day next week.  Any encouragement or help you can give them at home would be appreciated.  In Science we reviewed what our formal lab report should look like.  After making final observations and deciding what to do with the crystals, the kids had time to get started on the lab report.  This needs to be completed in their google account and shared with me.  I will give additional time in class on Wednesday.  The lab report is due Friday.
Have a nice evening!

        Our late start along with the visit from the Junior High counselor caused changes in today's schedule.  Please look for the information about 7th grade registration and changing student portal account passwords.  Paper copies were given to your sixth grader today.  You can also access them from the school web page.  In Math today we worked through activity 19-2 Calculating Unit Rates.  The embedded assessment over lessons 17, 18 and 19 is scheduled for next Thursday.  We will be busy in Science tomorrow :)  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

In Math class today we went over last night's homework - it seemed pretty easy to us today :)  In Science we made observations of our crystals and compared with another group.  The kids also worked on the mineral identification activity.  We will go over this tomorrow.

        In Math we went over last night's homework together.  We then worked through Lesson 19 Activity 1.  In Science the kids were busy making crystal observations and mineral identifications.  I hope everyone stays warm :)

    Today in math we went over page 230 and completed a practice worksheet on dimensional analysis. In science those students that were taking the placement test completed it while others made observations of the crystals we set up on Friday.  Everyone has a few more vocabulary words to add to their earth science dictionaries. Stay warm tonight - see everyone tomorrow.

        We looked over last nights homework before we moved on to lesson 18-2 today in Math.  In Science we set up our crystal growing lab.  We hope there is something to observe when we come in on Monday!  Stay warm and have a great weekend :)

        In Math today we went over last night's homework and then moved on to Lesson 18-1.  We will go over the homework tomorrow before we work on ST.  In Science they completed a partner-read about minerals we find in the Earth's crust and then work with the Science World magazine from yesterday.  
I hope everyone stay warm tonight :)

    I am out of the building today.  Please check with your child about class work and homework.  Thanks and have a nice evening.

        We worked with ratios in Math class today.  The kids had some time in class to work on the assigned homework.  In Science we went over handout #1.  I collected these.  
        I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

        Embedded assessment over Unit 3 was completed in class today.  We will be starting Unit 4 "Ratios" tomorrow.  Mrs. Allen visited with us and shared some new tools on the PARCC site.  I encouraged the kids to spend some time on this site working through the tutorials and practice problems.  I do not want the technology to interfere during our assessment window.  The more they practice and are comfortable with getting their answers in the box...the better they will feel going into this. The kids know to google search PARCC Pearson to find the correct link.  

        Today in Math we reviewed for tomorrow's quiz by going over the study guide they did last night.  This was followed by ST time.  I asked to kids to complete at least 30 minutes on ST and then they could log out and work on the additional practice sheet for tomorrow's quiz.  I encouraged them to look over page 211 this evening.  In Science they had work time to finish handout #1 - this will be graded in class tomorrow.

        Algebra placement testing was first thing this morning.  In Math, we went over the practice 16-2 worksheet and began work on the practice worksheet for Thursday's quiz.  Plans for Science include discussing the reading from last week and time to work on  HO#1.  This will be checked in class on Thursday.  I hope everyone has a nice evening.

        Today in Math we worked through lesson 16-2 in our SpringBoard book. The homework packet is missing a little information for number 10.  You can find the needed data below or by logging into SpringBoard. Please remember that the Algebra placement testing is Tuesday morning.  If those who will be taking the test have 2 sharpened pencils ready to go - I would appreciate it.  In Science the kids shared their Top Ten list - they found a lot of FASINATING information about rocks and minerals.  I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend.

[Image:Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 3.59.16 PM.png]

        It was ST day in Math.  After going over last night's homework, the kids worked on ST.  Many leveled up and earned a new Jiji sticker!   The embedded assessment will NOT be tomorrow.  We still need to work through lesson 16-2.  With no class on Friday or Monday and the Algebra placement testing Tuesday, it looks like it will be next Thursday before we get this done.  In Science we started working with our Earth Science dictionary.  Everyone should have their dictionary put together and they have a list of words to start entering.  This will be completed in class.  Remember the "Top 10" list of fascinating facts about rocks and minerals is due tomorrow.  

        We were busy in Math today working with the rate of change.  The kids worked with partners to complete pages 201 and 202.  They did a nice job sharing their understanding with the class.  In Science we partner read a lesson in our books titled "Earth's Changing Crust".  They then had a little time to work on the Top 10 List or the packet about their reading.  I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Our late start this morning caused the Algebra testing to be rescheduled for next Tuesday.  In Math we discussed pages 199 and 200.  The kids had time in class to get started on their homework.  In Science we worked on out "top 10" list of interesting facts about rocks and minerals.  This is due Thursday.  I hope everyone has a great evening - GO BUCKS!

        Math class was busy with a discussion of pages 193 - 196. The kids should complete the even numbered problems on pages 197 - 198 for homework.  I hope to complete our next embedded assessment next Thursday, Jan 15.  In Science we watched a video about rocks and minerals.  We will start our Earth Science unit with the creation of a"Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Rocks and Minerals" list.  
I hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

        Today in Math we went over page 192 and work with ST.  Tonight for homework they are responsible for reading over and completing as much of pages 193 - 196 as possible.  I will be going over this tomorrow.  In Science, notebooks were checked and turned in.  Have a nice evening - stay as warm as possible.

        HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Welcome back :)  Today in Math we were busy talking about inequalities.  We worked through lesson 15-1 (pages 187 - 192).  In Science we worked to organize notebooks - they will be graded tomorrow and began a discussion about rocks and soil.  STAY WARM - See everyone tomorrow.

        Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

        We did team work in Math today. The kids had 30 minutes to work on ST, 30 minutes to work on Logic Links and the last 30 minutes was spent on planning a field trip activity.  We will continue with these tomorrow.

        After completing the skills check the students had time to work on ST math.  In Science we had our final work day for the writing project.  I look forward to reading these over our upcoming break.  This grade will go into the next grading period.  Have a great evening :)

        Today Math class was spent working in teams of 3 or 4 to review solving equations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  This was a review for tomorrow's skills check.  In Science we worked on the Magic School bus writing assignment.  Remember this is due Wednesday.  I hope you enjoy the evening ;)

        In Math today we looked over the embedded assessment from last week. ( I collected them but plan to give them back to the kids on Monday)   We then moved on in our book looking at both multiplying and dividing equations.  We will practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing equations next Monday to prepare for Tuesday's skill check.  In Science they continue to work on their story.  I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

        Mrs. Allen was with us for Math today.  After a short review of questions over homework we worked with the iPads.  Mrs. Allen created a practice assessment in Lightning Grader that provided us a review of math concepts from lesson 11-1 through 14-1 and practice using the tools to share our answers.  The more we practice using the iPads to work/share information in Math, the easier the PARCC will be.  In Science we started working on a writing piece.  Ask your sixth grader what cell parts they plan to compare to Diley Middle School.  Stay warm :0)

        Today in Math we went over homework and then looked over pages 175 to 177 in the book before working with ST math.  In Science we watched a video on cells.  Please check with your sixth grader about the Algebra placement testing needs to be turned in by the 18th.

        In Math today we went over homework and worked in pairs to complete pages 170 and 171.  Homework tonight is more practice.  In Science the kids were working on a couple Mitosis assignments.  We will continue with these tomorrow.  
*****Due to family obligations there will NOT be after school tutoring tomorrow night.
Have a nice evening!

        It was QUIZ day in Math.  The kids appeared to work hard :)  In Science we had our final work day on the cell project.  Class presentations will take place tomorrow.  Stay warm :)

        Today in Math the completed a quick skills check over lesson 12 and then worked with a partner on a review worksheet as practice for tomorrow's quiz.  Homework is another practice sheet.  Everyone had time to work with ST Math today also.  In Science the projects are coming along....hope to see finished projects tomorrow so they have time to practice the presentation.  Have a great evening :)

        Today in Math we went over the lesson 12 practice and discussed the upcoming quiz.  We will spend more time tomorrow practicing and the quiz will be Thursday.  The kids know that looking over page 157 could really help them on this quiz.  In Science we continue working on the cell project.  We hope to finish them Thursday and share on Friday.  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

        We were all glad to be back in school today!  Thanksgiving was great but many said they missed their friends.  Today in Math we went over the practice work on Lesson 11 and they started the practice work for Lesson 12.   We know that we will be having a quiz this week - I have it scheduled for Wednesday but may move it to Thursday  if  need the extra day to review :).  In Science they continue to work with their group on the final product for the cell analogy....we know these need to be done by Friday.

        Algebra placement testing information was sent home with the kids today.  Please read the information and complete the form.  All students MUST return the signed form even if you do not want them included in this testing.   THANKS!

        A quick reminder that the read-in for the Helping Hands Project is tomorrow - please send in the pledge sheet and money.  Our team basket for the Family Fun Night activity next Tuesday has the theme of "Holiday Baking".....please send anything you have that can help us fill this basket.   

Have a nice evening.

        Quiz day in Science today :0)  

        Today in Science the kids were working in groups on the cell comparison project.  Ask your sixth grader what they are doing :)  In Math we did some review work over all of lesson 11.  Plan to get through lesson 12 next Monday and Tuesday.  Expect embedded assessment to be Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  You can see this on page 157 in the SpringBoard book.  Below you will find information about ST Math.  Please look over this when you get a chance :)  I added this document to the Links for You tab also- just in case you have trouble opening.

I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

        Math lesson for today is 11-4 - Properties of Operations.  We worked through pages 143 - 145 together in class.  They need to complete the 3 "Check Your Understanding" problems on page 146.  In Science we got the study guide for next Tuesday's quiz and completed a worksheet in class.  Stay warm :)

        Today in Math we worked through last night's homework before starting ST Math.  There is a homework worksheet that some might find challenging.  They need practice on understanding what problems are asking.  I asked them to write an equation for each problem before they solve it.  In Science the quiz was quickly finished by most students.  They had time to work on the homework worksheet.
Remember we are still collecting cans for the food drive :)
Stay warm!

        Today in Math we worked through pages 139 - 141 in the SpringBoard book.  We are working to correctly write expressions to represent quantities.  Remembering to plug in the correct number for the variable seems to be pretty easy for most.  The actual math computation (division and multiplication) is still giving some of us trouble.  Please keep reviewing those basic fact if needed.  Remember 30 minutes of Moby Max is due by next Tuesday.  In Science we reviewed for tomorrows quiz. I hope everyone stays warm tonight :)

        Math class went by quickly today.  We went over last nights homework - I really appreciate those students who followed directions and showed all their work.  We looked over the "Test of Genius" on the back of the homework - great thinking activity!  We started working with lesson 11-3.  We will finish it on Monday.  In Science we did a quick review of last nights homework, vocabulary words and then finished Jeopardy from yesterday.  I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

Here is a copy of the Science vocabulary /definitions :)

[Image:life sci vocabulary 2014.docx]

        In Math class we had the opportunity to double check the in-class assignment from yesterday.  The kids had time to work on the homework worksheet and some had time to get on Moby Max.  In Science we reviewed by playing Cell Jeopardy in teams.  We will finish this tomorrow.  Stay warm :)

        Math class today was very busy.  We went over last night's homework and then completed a skills check on lessons 11-1 and 11-2.  Once that was turned in they got busy with ST Math.  In Science, we had the chance to look at the onion skin and cheek cells under the microscope again.  We will be having a quiz over cell anatomy and microscope parts next Wednesday.  The content quiz will be Tuesday, Nov. 25.  I have attaching the list of vocabulary words below.  Have a great evening :)

[Image:life sci vocabulary list2014.docx]

        In Math today, several graded papers were returned.  We talked about how the material we are covering has been difficult and we know we are going to need to keep working on it to get better.  We then went over last nights homework and added new vocabulary to our journals.  The new unit " Expressions and Equations" looks like it is going to be fun!  In Science we finished up our microscope work.  Please have your sixth grader share with you what their cheek cells looked like :)  Have a nice evening.

        In Math today the kids completed the quiz and had some AR reading time.  In Science they made wet mount slide of onion skin.  We were to observe and draw it while looking with scanner, low and high power objective lenses on the microscope. We will need to finish this on Monday - they can work with the lab sheet over the weekend if they want.  Have a great weekend!

        In Math today we reviewed for tomorrows quiz.  In Science we graded handout #10 "Cell-a-bration" and then talked about and looked at the microscopes we will be using tomorrow.  The kids are anxious to view the onion skin cells.  Stay dry!

        It is already Wednesday - it has been a very busy week.  Today in Math we went over last nights homework and discussed any questions they had.  We did a quick review for Friday's Quiz and then got busy with ST math.  Wednesday will be our "in class" ST day.  My goal is to have the kids working in ST for 90 minutes each week with a 2 to 3% weekly progress.  They will have time either Monday or Tuesday during our innovation time and Thursday or Friday during E/I time.  They seem to enjoy the program but I am getting a little frustration from them at times.  We will work through this together :)  In Science we continue to work with vocabulary and cell anatomy and physiology.   Keep reviewing the information in the green Science folder.  Have a good evening!

        Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Today in Math we went over the work the kids completed in class on Friday.  They seem to have a good understanding of this material.  We also spent time working on the ST Math program.  I am sending home information so they they can log in at home and show you what they have been doing. There is a Math Quiz scheduled for Friday, November 7th over Activities 7 and 9 in the SpringBoard book. In Science we watch a short video on cell parts and then they had some time to start new vocabulary cards.  We will finish these tomorrow.  
        We discussed the upcoming "Diley Helping Hands" project, our Family Fun night basket and the table favors we will be making for the residents at Amber Park. We know that during this time of the year, more and ever, we want to encourage and reinforce community service projects and lending a helping hand when we can.  It is through these projects we hope to help our sixth graders share those huge, caring hearts they have.   
Have a great evening!

        Mrs. Shaffer is not at school today.  Please look at your sixth graders planner for assignments.  Thanks!

        In Math today we began our work with integers.  I was impressed with the knowledge they already have!  I told them this unit should be short and sweet.  I am looking at a possible quiz next week.   In Science we completed our Plant cell diagram, the Brain Pop "Cells" and labeled the diagram that was handed out.  Looking forward to microscope work next week :)  Have a nice evening!

        We "fine tuned" the quiz that was completed yesterday in Math class.  I hope that taking that second look will help them catch those careless mistakes or errors made the first time through.  In Science, we worked with the anatomy of an animal cell.  Your sixth grader should be able to show you the drawing they completed in class.  The drawing illustrates the 12 major organelle of animal cells.  These is the anatomy they will be responsible for knowing.  Remember the "Bonus Points" word search will be collect Friday.  I hope you enjoy your evening :)

        It was QUIZ day in Math today.  Once they finished the quiz they worked on ST Math.  In Science we reviewed the 10 levels of organization from the simplest to the most complex.  We also checked over the labels on our microscope diagrams.  I hope everyone has a great evening.

        Today in Math we reviewed for tomorrows quiz by going over the study guide.  We also worked on an extra skills paper....some of us need to have this done so it can replace the grade we earned on Friday.  We will do a quick review tomorrow before the quiz.  In Science we worked on Brain Pops over the microscope and cell, reviewed vocabulary and labeled the parts of the microscope.  I hope everyone enjoys the nice weather this evening. :)

        Today in Math we worked all the problems on pages 77 and 78.  I encouraged the kids to write these answers (with work) down in their book even if it was a problem they didn't complete.  They then completed a skills sheet on dividing fractions and mixed numbers.  Once they turned this in they picked up the study guide for Tuesday's quiz.  In Science we worked to finish up the vocabulary cards and levels of organization drawings.  If they had time they completed the Brain Pop titled "Microscopes"  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

        Today in Math we went over the problems on pages 69 and 70.  The kids did a nice job in selecting problems that helped them with their understanding.  We also introduced dividing fractions.  In Science we completed notes and a worksheet.  We will continue to work with our life science concepts.  Grade cards were passed out today.....the kids should be anxious to share these with you tonight.  I hope everyone has a great evening!

        Today in Science we went over the lesson outline and talked about the levels of organization from the simplest to the most complex.  We will take notes on this tomorrow.  In Math we continue to work with multiplying fractions.  They can pick any 10 problems from pages 69 and 70 to complete for homework.  I encouraged them to pick the ones that would help them understand - not 10 easy ones.  We will be having a quiz over multiplying and dividing fractions next Tuesday.  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

        In Math today we took a short quiz over 4-1 to 4-4.  We then discussed multiplying fractions.  The kids need to finish page 66 for homework tonight.  We will go over this in class tomorrow.  In Science the kids had an opportunity to complete the lesson outline they started on Friday and then draw a model of the levels of organization.  We will discuss/finish these tomorrow. We also had our "Compliment Celebration" today.  The kids seemed to enjoy their movie and treat :)  I hope everyone has a great evening.

          Today in Science, notebooks were returned.  These need to be cleaned out over the weekend :)  Kids were given time to finish up the Science World packet.  We then started working with the textbook to partner read about the levels of organization with living things.  The kids worked on the lesson outline that went along with the reading.  In Math we went over the study guide together and then they completed a partner review.  I think everyone is ready for Monday's quiz.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Please see the message below for Mr. Coffey:
Please go to the website below and complete this quick and easy survey, which will eventually assist us with MORE technology!
Go to and enter the appropriate access code:
Diley Middle School Student/Parent - 3W7LM

        Today we watched a Bill Nye video to introduce our new Science unit "Cells".  In Math, Mrs. Allen helped everyone get logged into ST math.  When home access is available, I will let you know.  The kids did a great job learning their passwords and learning how to work with this program.  I hope everyone has a great evening!

        In Science today we worked with a Science World magazine and non fiction reading.  The kids looked over the magazine they had read before and answered comprehension questions and identified text features.  The packet is due Friday.  In Math we reviewed by going over page 62 together in class.  We then used playing cards to generate numbers for a quick fraction review activity.  The study guide for Monday's quiz was passed out and they had about 15 minutes to get started on it.  This is due Friday - tomorrow we will start working with ST math.

        Today in Science notebooks were turned in and the test was completed.  These grades will be included the the first quarter average for grade cards.  In Math we reviewed lesson 4-3 "Mixed Numbers" by going over last nights homework together in class.  We then worked with "Comparing and Ordering Mixed Numbers"  lesson 4-4.  Many students can show me a basic understanding when completing computation work BUT when the same concept is put in an application problem they seem to get stuck.  We will continue to work with this.  Tonight homework is the rest of page 62.  They should have completed half of it in class.  Have a great evening :)

        In Science today we worked with our study guide and practiced graphing given data to help review for tomorrows test.  In Math we did a quick review of comparing and ordering fractions and then moved on to mixed numbers.  I plan to have a quiz over lessons 4-1 to 4-4 on Friday or Monday.  I also want to let everyone know that I will be holding weekly after school study table for Math starting this Wednesday.  It will be every Wednesday and run from right after school until 3:45.  We will be discussing the current Math topics.  It is not anything formal - if the kids can stay one week and not another - that is fine.  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Today in Science we worked on organizing our notebook.  Notebook grade sheets where passed out and the kids were informed that all notebooks will be collected on Tuesday to be graded.  They know what I am expecting those notebooks to look like :)  They then had time to study for Tuesday's test.  In Math, we reviewed ordering and comparing fractions.  They independently completed a quick skills check on comparing fractions.  Once completed most worked on Moby Max.  I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

        Math today included starting to work with fractions!  The kids did a nice job  looking at the skills we need to have to complete this unit.  They need to work on page 49 tonight...I told them 20 minutes should allow them to show me what they know...if they get stuck not to worry ....  we will go over this in class tomorrow.  In Science we started working with linear metric measurement.  We will continue this tomorrow.  Try to stay dry tonight :)

        Happy Monday!  In Science we completed our vocabulary quiz and then looked over the Brain Pop titled "Measuring Matter" from last week.  Many of us needed to spend a little longer on this assignment.  In Math we got busy with our building challenge.   I hope everyone has a great evening!

        In Math classes, the students had the opportunity to look over the quiz they completed on Wednesday.  I had already marked which items needed more attention.  Most were able to "fine tune" within 30 one was given longer than 60 minutes.  They then worked on the building design challenge that was given today.  I hope to see some great structure built in my classroom on Monday.   In Science, we compared the mass, volume and density of Coke and Diet Coke.  Please ask your sixth grader which had the greatest density and why they think this is true.  We will talk about this on Monday.  I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

        Conferences :)  

        Math embedded assessment #2 was completed in class today.  In Science we finished the density lab, watched a Brain Pop on "Measuring Matter" and turned in the Science World worksheet.  Enjoy the day tomorrow :)

        Mrs. Shaffer was not at school today.  

        Busy day today.  In Science we finished up Mass and Volume labs and reviewed vocabulary.  Brain Pop was available for those who had these thing completed.  In Math we looked over last nights homework and reviewed LCM's.  We will practice GCF and LCM again tomorrow.  Look for Quiz over Prime Factorization, Exponents, GCF and LCM next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Have a nice day :)

        With the delayed start this morning we had to make a few adjustments in our schedule - but the kids did great with it.  In Math, we discussed finding the the Least Common Multiple of given numbers using two methods.  We can list multiples or use the prime factorization method.  They seemed to understand both when they left my room - I hope they still "get it" when they are working on homework.  The last question on the homework asked them to write an argument ... being able to communicate through writing is something we will be spending time on.  Please encourage your sixth grader to put a quality effort into this question.  In Science, we reviewed reading a graduated cylinder before I had them complete a quick skills check.  They then had time to work on some vocabulary.  I hope everyone has a great evening!

        Math today included going over last nights homework, answering questions and time to get a good start on tonight's homework.  I believe everyone knows how to find the GCF of given numbers but are still struggling when we need to apply this skill into application problems.  We will keep working on it.  In Science the kids did a quick skills check of reading a triple beam balance and then got busy working on the volume lab.  Look for new vocabulary to come home tomorrow.  Enjoy your evening :)

        Happy Monday!  I hope everyone got this week started with a great day!  In Math, we started working on finding the "GCF" of a pair of numbers.  Our SpringBoard book explains both the prime factorization and factor pair methods. We will be practicing both :).  In Science, we continued to work on the "Mass" lab from Friday and some were able to start finding the "Volume"of irregularly shaped objects by water displacement.  Completing this and adding some new vocabulary will keep us busy for a few days.  I hope everyone has a great evening!

        We continued our work with exponents in Math class today.  The kids gave me a "thumbs up" with understanding.  The work they do on tonight's homework will be the true indicator.  The "Corrections" assignment for embedded assessment #1 was passed out today.  This is due to me next Monday...please make sure your signature is somewhere on this so I can give them the extra points they worked for.  In Science, Bounce Labs were collected and we began our discussion of "Mass".  Triple beam balance work tomorrow :).
        We had a fire drill this afternoon and some of us forgot a few what door to go out, to walk instead of run, to keep our hands to ourselves and to stay quiet.  I told the kids that we would be practicing this again soon.  I know not everyone forgot appropriate behaviors and I appreciate those who shined today.
        I hope everyone has a nice evening :)

        Math today was and quick review of prime factorization, return of the quiz from last week and an introduction and some table work with exponents.  Please talk to your sixth grader about the quiz, they should be able to explain that the grades are not yet final - they will have a chance to earn half credit on all mistakes with the "CORRECTION" assignment they will get tomorrow.  In Science we finalized most of our triple line graphs and worked on the conclusion questions.  If you get a chance, please look over these written answers.  They need to be in complete sentences that re-state the question to receive full credit.  
Remember the DARE skating party is tonight :)
Have a nice evening!

        Today in Math we completed a quick review of prime/composite numbers and prime factorization.  I then gave each student their log in/username for "Moby Max" and they had time to complete the pre-assessment.  This is the program that I will be requiring them to spend at least 30 minutes each week working with.  If they complete 30 minutes, I will take the % score they earn as a grade.  If it is less than 30 minutes, I will subtract 10% while if it is 45 minutes or more I will add 10%.  The assignments will begin next week - assigned on Monday and due by the following Monday.  Once the pre-assessment was finished they had the option of working in Moby Max or starting the assigned homework.  In Science, we finished data collection and worked on graphing the data.  We will be answering conclusion questions to finish this activity tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a good day!

        In Math we looked over the next few lessons in the SpringBoard book.  We are ready to tackle prime factorization, exponents, LCM's and GCF's.  After adding some new vocabulary to our Math journals, we practiced working with factor trees :)  most of us appeared to understand the process.  We also discussed divisibility rules.....these were also added to the math journal.  In Science we finished (almost) the data collection of the bounce lab.  Tomorrow we will be graphing our results and answering conclusion questions.  
Have a nice evening :)

        Today the kids took their first Math quiz....they appeared to work hard.  I am anxious to have the opportunity to look over them.  In Science we began data collection for our "Bounce vs Drop Height" lab.  

Conference confirmation slips were distributed today....if you requested a conference make sure your sixth grader gives you this purple slip.  If you still want to schedule a conference - we have several openings during the day on Thursday, October 2.  All evening times are booked.

        First let me apologize for not posting yesterday - I am not sure how or why I forgot - but I did :(.  So sorry!  
Today in Science we reviewed dependent and independent variables in experimental design.  These words along with controls and variables were added to the vocabulary cards.  Please keep reviewing them:)  In Math we finished going over the practice work for tomorrows quiz.  The kids need to continue working on those basic facts.  The board work this week illustrated which of us have them and which are still struggling.  Math will be much easier once they master them.  The practice tonight should take place on the digital version of SpringBoard if possible. I hope everyone has a nice evening!

        Today in Science we had the opportunity to see each other's "Bad Science" cartoons.  The kids seemed to enjoy their peers work.  In Math we continued working on review problems found on pages 23 and 24 in our Spring Board book.  The kids have demonstrated a pretty solid understanding of the basic computation and isolated skills but when we put them all together in those "application" problems they are often a little lost.  We will work through these problems together as a class tomorrow and Thursday.  There will be a "QUIZ" on Friday over lessons 1-1 through 1-5. Any practice or support you can give at home would be helpful.  The more success they experience with one of us by their side the more confidence they bring to class.  Please encourage them to continue putting forth their best effort.  We all need to stay positive - we can do this!  
Our conference schedule is filling up  - both evenings are full - if you have yet to request a time to meet with us, please pick the time that works best on Thursday, October 2 between 8am and 3:30 pm.
*** Mrs. Falther will not be submitting the book orders until next you can still send them in if you want.

        In Science today the kids continued to work on the Bad Science cartoons.  We will not have any additional class time to work on these - they are due Tuesday - we will be doing a "gallery walk" to share.  In Math we discovered that dividing by a decimal was not really that hard!  After we shift the decimal point we can do what we were doing last night!  Our lives are good :) We will revisit all topics covered so far this year next week before we complete an assessment on Thursday or Friday.  
**STAR parent reports were passed out today - please look over the information provided.  This is just one bit of data that will be used for growth comparison as the year progresses does not "count" as a grade :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

        Today in Math we continued working with long division.  I am seeing more successes in each class:)  We will keep at this into next week.  In Science we are busy working on the Bad Science cartoons that illustrate the importance of Lab Safety.  These are due next Tuesday.  The kids asked for more class time to work - so - we will have time again tomorrow.  Please ask your sixth grader to share their work in progress with you.
        I want to inform you that Mrs. Falther's Mom passed away last evening.  She wanted me to share the news with our kids this morning.  I told them she was sad but would be fine.  Please give your sixth grader an extra hug this evening from her.  She misses each and every one of them.  
I hope everyone has a good evening!
*** Send in those conference forms if it didn't come in today****  We schedule on a first come first basis**

        In Science today we spent a couple minutes talking about the "Bad Science" cartoons. We then began a discussion of the scientific method.  After viewing a short video the kids worked with their table partners to come up with their own "ideal" scientific method.  We will share these in the first 10 minutes of class tomorrow before we have work time on the cartoons.  In Math we worked through the homework problems (division) on the board.  We then worked with Mrs. Allen to get everyone signed into the digital version of our SpringBoard book.  Your sixth grader should be able to show you how they will be able to complete all homework assignments - even if they forget their book at school :)  Have then show you how they can use the digital version/tools to write or draw answers.  They seemed to like this!    Here is the link just in case they forget.
        Conference request forms are coming home today.  Please return these as soon as possible.  We do fill them on a first come first serve basis.  Remember: Mumkin orders were due today - but we will still take them tomorrow.
Hope you have a great evening :)

        In Math today we started working with long division.  I was pleased to see that many of the kids have a basic understanding of the process.  Basic facts are still getting in the way of success for many of us.  I did tell the kids that it was okay to use a multiplication table if they needed.  Graded papers were returned in class today - you should find these in the red math folder.  In Science they had class time to work on a rough draft of their "Bad Science" cartoon.  The grading rubric and specific info was passed out.  These are due one week from today 9-9.  
I hope everyone has a nice evening.

        STAR testing took a big chunk of our Math time today.  I appreciate how the kids stayed focus and worked hard on the screener.  We did have a little time to play math "Jeopardy" when we got back to the room.  In Science we discussed lab safety and completed some notes.  We also talked about the "Bad Science" cartoon that we will be working on next week.  Please encourage your student to think about what lab safety rule they want their cartoon to illustrate.  Look for more information about this next week.
I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend - Happy Labor Day!  See everyone on Tuesday.

        Today in Math we spent time with the white boards reviewing the concepts already covered.  The kids were then given time to complete a worksheet for me in class.  In Science we discussed Bill Nye's definition of Science after we watched the video titled "Pseudoscience".  Your sixth grader should be able to explain the difference between these.  Hoping everyone has time to enjoy their family tonight :)

        Today we worked with inferences and observations in Science.  Have your sixth grader explain the slide presentation and what conclusion they came to.  We table shared many of these conclusions.  Adding the word inference to our vocabulary list - makes 8 words.  In Math we continued working with multiplication of decimals.  After we "talked" the problems on page 14 they had class time to actually paper/pencil work them out.  Understanding what problems like these are really asking and then doing the math with accuracy is still a struggle for many.  We will keep working with it.  I hope you all have a great evening!

        Today we were very busy!  In Math, many had to finish the adding and subtracting decimals assignment from Friday before we could start Lesson 1-3 in our SpringBoard book "Multiplying Decimals".  The kids appear to have a solid grasp of the process of multiple digit multiplication but many are struggling with accuracy.  Please remind them to practice those basic facts.  In Science, we did a quick review of vocabulary to make sure we were all on the same page.  Candle observations took the rest of our class time.  Have your sixth grader give you a couple qualitative and quantitative observations they recorded today.  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Today in Science the students finished their 7 vocabulary cards.  You should be able to find these inside a Ziploc bag in the back pocket of their green Science folder.  They also completed a worksheet that had them identify the difference between qualitative and qualitative observations.  In Math we were adding and subtracting decimals.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

        In Math class I had the opportunity to conference with most students individually.  I will finish this tomorrow with Math class #2( we ran out of time:)  We finished up lesson 1-1 and added to our word wall.  In Science the kids had the opportunity to finish and "fine tune" the classification lab and questions.  
        We did have the kick off assemble for our fall fundraiser this afternoon.  Students where given an envelope that has all the important information in it.  If they forget to show it to you....ask them.
I hope everyone stays dry tonight.

        Today in Math we continued our work with decimals and whole numbers.  After a little work in the book and on white boards the kids completed a short assignment over place value and comparing and ordering decimals in class today.  I will look over these tonight and see if we are ready to move on to Lesson 1-2 (adding and subtracting decimals) tomorrow.  In Science, they finished the group work with the classification activity and worked on the questions that went with it.  We will talk about these tomorrow and begin work on our current Science vocabulary.   I hope everyone has a great evening!

        Today in Math we worked with lesson 1-1 in our SpringBoard book.  Many students appear to have a good grasp of decimals.  I was impressed!  In Science we began a "classification" activity.  The students are trying to find as many way as they can to classify six simple shapes.  We will finish this up tomorrow.
I am looking forward to seeing parents tonight at our "Parent Information" meeting.  Remember we moved it to 6:15 to accommodate those who would like to attend the band meeting at 7.  If you are not able to attend the meeting, don't worry!  I have added the powerpoint we are using to this page :) Enjoy

8- 18-14
        Busy day math we started working with our Springboard book and in Science we talked about what "Science "is.  They made silly putty during class today.....was it Science?  They need to explain this for homework tonight.

        Today we had our first design challenge......the kids worked in groups of 4.  They had 15 minutes to use their 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 yard of both tape and ribbon and 1 marshmallow to design a structure that would hold the marshmallow as high as possible.  The winning structure was 18.5 inches high.  We had a good day!

        Another busy day getting the year off to a great start.  Please remember to bring in those forms if they were not turned in today.  Student band assembly is tomorrow afternoon.  I hope you enjoy your evening.

        WOW....... I have a wonderful group of kids this year!  We spent the day going over all the beginning of the year topics and getting to know each other.  I look forward to seeing how many names I will remember tomorrow morning.  I hope everyone has a great evening.

        Very busy working in our classroom today!  I was very happy to meet so many of my new kids last evening...looking forward to meeting the rest of you tomorrow :)

 Attention Parents: We did find out that the band meeting is scheduled the same evening as our "Parent Meeting" - (next Tuesday, August 19) we will adjust our meeting time.  Mrs. Falther and I now plan to start at 6:15 and will be finished by 7:00 so that you can make it to both meetings.

        Looking forward to meeting my new students tonight!  It's hard to believe the Class of 2021 will be starting 6th grade on Wednesday.  It is going to be a great year!

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