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        In Math we looked over the next few lessons in the SpringBoard book.  We are ready to tackle prime factorization, exponents, LCM's and GCF's.  After adding some new vocabulary to our Math journals, we practiced working with factor trees :)  most of us appeared to understand the process.  We also discussed divisibility rules.....these were also added to the math journal.  In Science we finished (almost) the data collection of the bounce lab.  Tomorrow we will be graphing our results and answering conclusion questions.  
Have a nice evening :)

        Today the kids took their first Math quiz....they appeared to work hard.  I am anxious to have the opportunity to look over them.  In Science we began data collection for our "Bounce vs Drop Height" lab.  

Conference confirmation slips were distributed today....if you requested a conference make sure your sixth grader gives you this purple slip.  If you still want to schedule a conference - we have several openings during the day on Thursday, October 2.  All evening times are booked.

        First let me apologize for not posting yesterday - I am not sure how or why I forgot - but I did :(.  So sorry!  
Today in Science we reviewed dependent and independent variables in experimental design.  These words along with controls and variables were added to the vocabulary cards.  Please keep reviewing them:)  In Math we finished going over the practice work for tomorrows quiz.  The kids need to continue working on those basic facts.  The board work this week illustrated which of us have them and which are still struggling.  Math will be much easier once they master them.  The practice tonight should take place on the digital version of SpringBoard if possible. I hope everyone has a nice evening!

        Today in Science we had the opportunity to see each other's "Bad Science" cartoons.  The kids seemed to enjoy their peers work.  In Math we continued working on review problems found on pages 23 and 24 in our Spring Board book.  The kids have demonstrated a pretty solid understanding of the basic computation and isolated skills but when we put them all together in those "application" problems they are often a little lost.  We will work through these problems together as a class tomorrow and Thursday.  There will be a "QUIZ" on Friday over lessons 1-1 through 1-5. Any practice or support you can give at home would be helpful.  The more success they experience with one of us by their side the more confidence they bring to class.  Please encourage them to continue putting forth their best effort.  We all need to stay positive - we can do this!  
Our conference schedule is filling up  - both evenings are full - if you have yet to request a time to meet with us, please pick the time that works best on Thursday, October 2 between 8am and 3:30 pm.
*** Mrs. Falther will not be submitting the book orders until next you can still send them in if you want.

        In Science today the kids continued to work on the Bad Science cartoons.  We will not have any additional class time to work on these - they are due Tuesday - we will be doing a "gallery walk" to share.  In Math we discovered that dividing by a decimal was not really that hard!  After we shift the decimal point we can do what we were doing last night!  Our lives are good :) We will revisit all topics covered so far this year next week before we complete an assessment on Thursday or Friday.  
**STAR parent reports were passed out today - please look over the information provided.  This is just one bit of data that will be used for growth comparison as the year progresses does not "count" as a grade :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

        Today in Math we continued working with long division.  I am seeing more successes in each class:)  We will keep at this into next week.  In Science we are busy working on the Bad Science cartoons that illustrate the importance of Lab Safety.  These are due next Tuesday.  The kids asked for more class time to work - so - we will have time again tomorrow.  Please ask your sixth grader to share their work in progress with you.
        I want to inform you that Mrs. Falther's Mom passed away last evening.  She wanted me to share the news with our kids this morning.  I told them she was sad but would be fine.  Please give your sixth grader an extra hug this evening from her.  She misses each and every one of them.  
I hope everyone has a good evening!
*** Send in those conference forms if it didn't come in today****  We schedule on a first come first basis**

        In Science today we spent a couple minutes talking about the "Bad Science" cartoons. We then began a discussion of the scientific method.  After viewing a short video the kids worked with their table partners to come up with their own "ideal" scientific method.  We will share these in the first 10 minutes of class tomorrow before we have work time on the cartoons.  In Math we worked through the homework problems (division) on the board.  We then worked with Mrs. Allen to get everyone signed into the digital version of our SpringBoard book.  Your sixth grader should be able to show you how they will be able to complete all homework assignments - even if they forget their book at school :)  Have then show you how they can use the digital version/tools to write or draw answers.  They seemed to like this!    Here is the link just in case they forget.
        Conference request forms are coming home today.  Please return these as soon as possible.  We do fill them on a first come first serve basis.  Remember: Mumkin orders were due today - but we will still take them tomorrow.
Hope you have a great evening :)

        In Math today we started working with long division.  I was pleased to see that many of the kids have a basic understanding of the process.  Basic facts are still getting in the way of success for many of us.  I did tell the kids that it was okay to use a multiplication table if they needed.  Graded papers were returned in class today - you should find these in the red math folder.  In Science they had class time to work on a rough draft of their "Bad Science" cartoon.  The grading rubric and specific info was passed out.  These are due one week from today 9-9.  
I hope everyone has a nice evening.

        STAR testing took a big chunk of our Math time today.  I appreciate how the kids stayed focus and worked hard on the screener.  We did have a little time to play math "Jeopardy" when we got back to the room.  In Science we discussed lab safety and completed some notes.  We also talked about the "Bad Science" cartoon that we will be working on next week.  Please encourage your student to think about what lab safety rule they want their cartoon to illustrate.  Look for more information about this next week.
I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend - Happy Labor Day!  See everyone on Tuesday.

        Today in Math we spent time with the white boards reviewing the concepts already covered.  The kids were then given time to complete a worksheet for me in class.  In Science we discussed Bill Nye's definition of Science after we watched the video titled "Pseudoscience".  Your sixth grader should be able to explain the difference between these.  Hoping everyone has time to enjoy their family tonight :)

        Today we worked with inferences and observations in Science.  Have your sixth grader explain the slide presentation and what conclusion they came to.  We table shared many of these conclusions.  Adding the word inference to our vocabulary list - makes 8 words.  In Math we continued working with multiplication of decimals.  After we "talked" the problems on page 14 they had class time to actually paper/pencil work them out.  Understanding what problems like these are really asking and then doing the math with accuracy is still a struggle for many.  We will keep working with it.  I hope you all have a great evening!

        Today we were very busy!  In Math, many had to finish the adding and subtracting decimals assignment from Friday before we could start Lesson 1-3 in our SpringBoard book "Multiplying Decimals".  The kids appear to have a solid grasp of the process of multiple digit multiplication but many are struggling with accuracy.  Please remind them to practice those basic facts.  In Science, we did a quick review of vocabulary to make sure we were all on the same page.  Candle observations took the rest of our class time.  Have your sixth grader give you a couple qualitative and quantitative observations they recorded today.  I hope everyone has a great evening :)

        Today in Science the students finished their 7 vocabulary cards.  You should be able to find these inside a Ziploc bag in the back pocket of their green Science folder.  They also completed a worksheet that had them identify the difference between qualitative and qualitative observations.  In Math we were adding and subtracting decimals.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

        In Math class I had the opportunity to conference with most students individually.  I will finish this tomorrow with Math class #2( we ran out of time:)  We finished up lesson 1-1 and added to our word wall.  In Science the kids had the opportunity to finish and "fine tune" the classification lab and questions.  
        We did have the kick off assemble for our fall fundraiser this afternoon.  Students where given an envelope that has all the important information in it.  If they forget to show it to you....ask them.
I hope everyone stays dry tonight.

        Today in Math we continued our work with decimals and whole numbers.  After a little work in the book and on white boards the kids completed a short assignment over place value and comparing and ordering decimals in class today.  I will look over these tonight and see if we are ready to move on to Lesson 1-2 (adding and subtracting decimals) tomorrow.  In Science, they finished the group work with the classification activity and worked on the questions that went with it.  We will talk about these tomorrow and begin work on our current Science vocabulary.   I hope everyone has a great evening!

        Today in Math we worked with lesson 1-1 in our SpringBoard book.  Many students appear to have a good grasp of decimals.  I was impressed!  In Science we began a "classification" activity.  The students are trying to find as many way as they can to classify six simple shapes.  We will finish this up tomorrow.
I am looking forward to seeing parents tonight at our "Parent Information" meeting.  Remember we moved it to 6:15 to accommodate those who would like to attend the band meeting at 7.  If you are not able to attend the meeting, don't worry!  I have added the powerpoint we are using to this page :) Enjoy

8- 18-14
        Busy day math we started working with our Springboard book and in Science we talked about what "Science "is.  They made silly putty during class today.....was it Science?  They need to explain this for homework tonight.

        Today we had our first design challenge......the kids worked in groups of 4.  They had 15 minutes to use their 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 yard of both tape and ribbon and 1 marshmallow to design a structure that would hold the marshmallow as high as possible.  The winning structure was 18.5 inches high.  We had a good day!

        Another busy day getting the year off to a great start.  Please remember to bring in those forms if they were not turned in today.  Student band assembly is tomorrow afternoon.  I hope you enjoy your evening.

        WOW....... I have a wonderful group of kids this year!  We spent the day going over all the beginning of the year topics and getting to know each other.  I look forward to seeing how many names I will remember tomorrow morning.  I hope everyone has a great evening.

        Very busy working in our classroom today!  I was very happy to meet so many of my new kids last evening...looking forward to meeting the rest of you tomorrow :)

 Attention Parents: We did find out that the band meeting is scheduled the same evening as our "Parent Meeting" - (next Tuesday, August 19) we will adjust our meeting time.  Mrs. Falther and I now plan to start at 6:15 and will be finished by 7:00 so that you can make it to both meetings.

        Looking forward to meeting my new students tonight!  It's hard to believe the Class of 2021 will be starting 6th grade on Wednesday.  It is going to be a great year!

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